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Otaru Komei
Otaru Komei

Party Leader
In office
November 4th, 2437 – April 14th, 2483
Succeeded by

October 1, 2420
Onamashi, Hikhala
Political party
101 Anari Drive, Kasmenai
Politician, Scientist, Ambassador
Universalist Buddhism

Otaru Komei was the founder of the Democratic Socialists Party of Sekowo.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Otaru Komei was an orphan found near an abandoned cabin near the Gao-Showa inclave village of Onamshi in Hikhala, Sekowo.

Otaru was an unusually gifted child, regularly outperforming his classmates and winning Shogi games against elders who had played the game their entire lives.

At the age of sixteen he moved to Kasmenai to attend the University of Sekowo Kasmenai. While he attended University he became interested in politics leading him to form the SKU Socialists Alliance.

Party Years[edit | edit source]

A few months ebfore his eighteenth birthday Otaru founded the Democratic Socialists Party, seeing the perfect oppurutnity to voice his ideals during a perio where only one party existed. In 2437 he has collected enough supporters signatures to register with the Sekowan Electoral Comission to gain party status.

Otaru spent most of his life dedicated to the party and his own ideologies, seeing the party go from one of the smaller parties in Sekowo to becoming the largest party in Sekowo and one of the dominant forces in the country.

During this time Otaru married model/singer/activist Kimiko Chimame.

Later Life[edit | edit source]

Otaru retired in his later life, deciding to see the world for several years, after which he returned to Sekowo to act as the patriarch to the DSP for several years.

Stasis[edit | edit source]

In 2505 Otaru entered stasis.

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