Owain Glynwater was the Draddwyr tribal leader who attempted to revolt against the Western settlers of Dovani in the late 15th Century. While the majority of his fellow Draddwyr were adapting and adopting the Settlors' modern ways of life Glynwater was unimpressed.

Revolt Edit

In 1497 Glynwater declared his historic decree that the ways of the settlors were the ways of evil and that anoyone who copied them would incur the wrath of the Gods.

At the time Glynwater's tribe controlled only a small North-Eastern tip of the Great North Dovani Plain around the Carrina Massiff mountain, however his influence soon grew. Other tribal leaders who publically dismissed his decree were assassinated by a small band of warriors nicknamed Glynwater's Sons.

Unite and Crusade Edit

While the exact number of chiefs killed has probably grown as Glynwater's story was passed down the centuries there is no doubt that by 1504 he held most of the Nortern plains of Dovani. It was in that year that Glynwater declared the Draddwyr on the Great North Dovani Plain united in a vendetta against the people he called the "offsprings of Dove".

His campaign faltered immeadiatly however. The Western side of Dovani had been changed out of all recognition by the settlers and was already split into regions which would eventually become the four nations of Dovani. With the Barrier Range between them, Glynwater's influence was neglible in the West.

Some religious leaders have attempted to justify the genocide of the Draddwyr in Dranland by claiming that this is the Gods' wrath Glynwater spoke of all those centuries ago.

Loss of Contact Edit

Within years the Draddwyr to the East had been all but forgotten by the West. Even their Draddwyr brothers in what is now Dranland had, in an attempt to curry favour with the settlors, cut all ties with the East.

Epilogue Edit

With so little communication between East and West there is little known about the fate of Glynwater. Historians have always assumed that after his failure to "take the West" his authority was diminished and his unified Great North Dovani Plain split back into seperate tribes. Recent expeditions to the Plain have apparently confrimed this when they found that the Draddwyr now live in something in the region of 200 seperate tribes.

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