The PP-WF Coalition is a coalition government formed in Beluzia after the 4598 Beluzian General Election. It is composed of the center-right People's Party and the right-wing White Front.

Preceded by :

Succeded by : Antifascist Alliance

Ministers Edit

Function Party Name
Prime Minister White Front Justin Mace
Foreign Affairs White Front Neil Williams
Internal Affairs People's Party Christian Fitzpatrick
Finance People's Party James Mccarthy
Defense People's Party Gabriella Ryan
Justice People's Party Gabrielus Camacho
Infrastructure and Transport People's Party Chardonnay Neal
Health and Social Services People's Party Hina Austin
Education and Culture People's Party Maeve Hoston
Science and Technology People's Party Humzah Mercer
Food and Agriculture People's Party Kiri Salazar
Environment and Tourism White Front Deano Martino
Trade and Industry White Front Francis Belicoze
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