Palace of Parliament
Palazzo del Parlamento
Old istalian parliament
Location Romula, Istalia
Construction February 19, 2241 - September 7, 2246
Destruction 7 April 4042
Architect Michele Fontanari
Style Revival Eclecticism
Affiliation Istalian Republic

The Palace of Parliament was the seat of the Parliament of Istalia from 2263 to 4042 (since 2246 was the seat of the Parliament of the previous Quanzarian Republic) when it was destroyed by the Istalian People's Brigades, a terrorist group.
Into the Palace were seated both the branches of the Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic.


The Palace was commissioned by the newly established first Government of the Quanzarian Republic, the first state in Quanzar/Istalia ruled effectively by the Istalians.
It was designed to host both the Chambers and after having hosted the Parliament of the Quaranzarian Republic it became the official seat of the Parliament of Istalia when was founded the first Istaliana Republic.
The Palace had an important role among the landmarks of the nation, because in this building Carlo Aurelio Gianti declared founded the first Istalian Republic. The destruction of the Palace was a great lose for the history of the Republic and of the architecture, and was the pretext for Antonio Battisti to demand special powers with which in the next two years established its personal regime (See also Istalian Civil War, 4044–4045).

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