Palace of Villareale
Reggia di Villareale
Villareale Palace
Location Villareale, Eristano Province, Sarregna, Istalia
Construction 1788- 1802
Architect Domenico Pardini Pardini Padre
Giovanni Paolo Pardini Pardini Figlio
Style Baroque and Neoselucian
Affiliation Former Kingdom of Istalia
Artistic heritage of the Istalian Empire
IESCO Global Heritage Site
Criteria Cultural, (i.), (iv.).
Inscription 4480

Palace of Villareale (istalian: Reggia di Villareale) baptized as Royal Palace of Villareale (istalian: Palazzo Reale di Villareale) is a former royal residence in Villareale, northern Sarregna, Istalia, built for the Selucio-Nicoman kings of the Kingdom of Istalia, the Istalian state entity extendend for most part of its history only on the Island of Alaria. It is one of the largest palaces erected in Majatra during the 18th century and in terms of volume, the Royal Palace of Villareale is the largest royal residence in the world in volume with over 2 million m³ and covering an area of about 235,000 m².


The Palace was commissioned by the second King of Istalia Arturo Gabriele I, considered among the greatest kings of the Island.
Arturo Gabriele had the ambition to kick out of the Sarrentina Peninsula the Emirate of Quanzar and then to unified the Istalian lands under the Istalian Crown.
During a great period of prosperity and turmoil in the mainland against the Quanzari rulers, Arturo Gabriele began the plans to defeat the enemy but already he though to the future and so baptized a town near Eristano to become the administrative capital for the Kingdom which fulcrum will be the Palace itself.
The Palace is considered a masterpiece of the baroque architecture which however is heavily influenced by the Neoselucian.
The Istalian court remained in the Palace until 1959 and the conquer of the island by part of the Emirate which transformed it into an Army barracks.
When finally was established the first Istalian Republic, the new state decided to destinate the Palace as Museum of the Istalian Kingdom. It is one of the most visited Istalian sites.

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