The Pan-Majatran Movement is based on the ideals of increased co-operation and friendship between the nations of Majatra, with the ultimate possibily of creating a united Majatran state. Parties of all political opinion and from all Majatran nations are welcome to join. It was founded by the Majatran Socialist Party of Al'Badara in October 2129.

Ideological basisEdit

The official ideology of the PMM is Pan-Majatranism (or Majatranism). Its based in the co-operation of all the Majatran states regardless of religious and economical matters in order to create a common market and political structure. Some political organizations, such as the Majatran Communist Party (international) that considers itself as a socialist pan-Majatranist tendency inside the PMM. It's based in the official ideology of the Majatran Communist Party (Badara), founder of what they name majatran communism.


This list was updated in June 3334.

Active partiesEdit


Full MembersEdit

Defunct partiesEdit


  • Al'Badaran Socialist Party
  • al-Jabhah al-Badariyah al-Qawmiyah
  • al-Jubhat al-Jumhuriyyah al-Badariyah
  • Barmenian Unity Coalition
  • BDSP un Beys fun Yisserles-Binyomen
  • Communist Party of Kafuristan
  • Democratic Labour Party of Cobura
  • Federal Republican Party (ZC)
  • Hizb al-Shuyu'iyah al-Badara
  • Ahmadi Communist Party
  • Jelbék Eslamék Prta
  • Majatran Socialist Party
  • Partito Social-Liberista Istaliano
  • Party for Individualism and Kitties
  • Pontesian Royalist Party
  • Republican Patriciate Coalition
  • Selucianus Communem Partitus
  • Supreme Liberal Conservative Order

Full membersEdit

  • Aesthetic Party of the Revolution (APRE)
  • Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun
  • Alliance of Pontesi Federalists
  • Badaran National Islamic Party
  • Barmenian Unity Party
  • Black Pope Nationalist Party of Selucia
  • Brme Zemojad Prta
  • Cheap Polar Bears
  • Coburan Reform Party Full
  • Communist Freedom Party (LL)
  • Communist Party of Cobura
  • Conservative Party of Solentia
  • Deltárska Ľudova Strana
  • Enlightened Cosmic Brotherhood
  • Grün Konservativ Libertäre Bündnis
  • Grm Wrzy Kaliifà
  • Imperial Patriotic Front
  • Jakanian Liberty Front
  • Kafuri People's Party
  • Liberal Party
  • Libertarian Catholic Party
  • Müslüman Emperyalist Kavuşma
  • Minority Party of Solentia
  • Pan-Majatran Liberation Organisation
  • Party of the Caliphate
  • Pontesian People's Party
  • Deltarian Civic Forum
  • Radical Nationalists
  • Revolutionary Armed Forces of Barmenia
  • Revolutionary Party of Cobura
  • Social Justice Party
  • Tüketisi Krsyijogad (Consumer Union)
  • Vanuku Nationalists Party
  • Whig Party

Nations of Majatra

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