The Pansexual Peace Party of Kalistan is one of the oldest political parties in all of Terra.

History Edit

The Pansexual Peace and Liberation Coalition Edit

The Pansexual Peace and Liberation Coalition was formed to vocalize and unite the opinions of the small but vocal Pansexual movement in Kalistan. Originally a grassroots organization with small State and National coorordinating committies, the PPLC grew quickly. By 2000, the PPLC had grown into a large Political Action Group that could make or break candidates. Again, there was no national hierarchy.

Although the original message of the PPLC continued to be reinforced through the first decade of the 21st Century, many local chapters began to take on a more populist Democratic Socalist message. Candidates vying for the endorsment of the PPLC increasingly needed to take leftist economic and social positions in addition to the required pro-pansexual stances. Brandon Wells says let go PPP

2009 PPLC National Coordinating Committee Conference Edit

From June 21st to June 30th, the National Coordinating Committee met for the first time in 5 years. Per the very decentralized structire of the PPLC, the NCC consisted of any member of the PPLC who bothered to show up. During the 9 day conference, the 114 members decided that consolidation of power into a national congress of some kind would be vital for the continued success of the Pansexual movement. They also agreed that the eventual goal of the PPLC was to form it's own political party. Unfourtunately, the committee members could not decide on how to accomplish these goals. After the committee voted to adjourn itself, they promised to meet at the same time next year. This is the first time the PPLC comitted itself to an annual meeting on a national stage. Most political historians consider the 2009 NCC meeting to be the birth of the Pansexual Peace Party.

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