House of Parliament
37th Parliament of the Commonwealth
House of Parliament logo (version 2)
HousesHouse of Parliament
Speaker of the HouseTBD, TBD
Deputy SpeakerTBD, TBD
Members645 to the House
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House of Parliament Political groupsHer Majesty's Government
  •       National Right Party (131)
  •       Royalist Party (127)
  •       Party of National Rebirth (94)

Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition

  •       Ultrackian Socialist Party of Hutori (128)
  •       Socialist Front (114)
  •       Federated Nationalist Parties (83)
  •       Federal Labour Party (21)
Meeting place
House of Parliament of Hutori

House of Parliament in Bekenial
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The Parliament of Hutori is the unicameral legislature of the Commonwealth of Hutori. Called the House of Parliament, it consists of 645 deputies and a speaker.

Election Edit

Parliamentary elections of the House are conducted every three years, running concurrently with elections to the offices of President and Prime Minister.

Deputies are elected in direct, equal, common and proportional elections via secret ballot.

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