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Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia

Sejm Rzeczpospolitej Walruzji
Sessions elected every six years.
Marshal of the Sejm
Izabela Kownacka, Party of National Coalition
Seats465 Deputies (Poseł/Posłanka)
Political groups
  •      PKN 465 Seats
Meeting place
Katowice - Gmach Sejmu Śląskiego 01.jpg
Chamber of the Sejm of the Republic, Nowogard, Valruzia

Parliament of Valruzia (val.: Parlament Walruzji or Parlament Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej) is a unicameral legislative body of the Republic of Valruzia. Until 4358 Valruzian Constitutional Referendum on Abolishment of the Senate it was composed by two chamber, the chamber of the Sejm which served as the lower chamber of the parliament, and the chamber of the Senate which served as the higher chamber. It was established by virtue of the Grand Constitutional Reform for Valruzia in October 4244.


Elections to the Sejm every six years. Citizens of Valruzia choose 465 deputies to the Sejm (val.: Poseł for male, Posłannka for female) and 100 Senators.

Both Chambers are elected in direct, equal, common, and proportional elections on a secret ballot. There is no threshold in the elections to the Sejm, however, the D'Hondt method used for in the election gives seats only to parties which surpass the 3% threshold. To the elections for the Senate, there was a constitutional 5% threshold.

Despite the deputies to the Sejm are elected in their constituencies their parliamentary mandate is entirely free and they represent the whole Nation, are independent in their conscience, and their mandate cannot be revoked unless the whole parliament term is shortened.