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Partei der Grünen Populisten
Party Leader
July 4623
Fort William, Luthori
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Youth Wing
Populism, Anti-Establishment, Minority Rights, Social Democracy
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Imperial Diet
43 / 601
Duchies Held
0 / 5


The Partei der Grünen Populisten is a Luthorian political party created by two Dundorfian immigrants in 4620.  The party describes itself as being "anti-fasicst" and "anti-liberal".

History Edit

The party creates a surprise when it becomes the fourth party of Luthori in the 4620 election and the first party in the region of Erneshire where the party receives 42.52 % of the votes.

The success of the party is short-lived as it loses more than half its representation in 4622.

The party also makes a spectacular decline in Erneshire where it does not even receive 5% of the votes.

The PGP is dissolved in July 4623 following leadership issues.

Electoral Results Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Position Government
4620 9,426,965 14.90 New
92 / 601
Increase 92 4th In opposition
4620 4,853,579 7.35 Decrease 7.55 %
43 / 601
Decrease 49 7th
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