Parti Conservateur Royaliste
A Conservative Royalist Party, loyal to the Monarchy of Lourenne and the ideals of Empire.
Leader Elad Cirith
Founded 3033
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Saint-Pierre, Alvium
Nation Lourenne
Ideology Conservative Royalist
Political Position Centre-Right
International Affiliations Monarchist League and Union Francaise
Conservative Union and ILGRA
Colours 8B0000

The PCR Logo

The Parti Conservate'ur Royaliste, is a conservative royalist party in the Empire of Lourenne.

Established in 3033, they disappeared in 3047, after a small time in coalition government and at the emergance of the dominating Democrats, they then re-appeared, re-organised and bigger than ever, in 3068, where they began reconstituting the Empire, ending the Republic & Confederation, and putting the Monarch of Lourenne back on the throne of a constitutional monarchy.

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