Parti Libératif
Party Leader
Claude Hervé
Président du Cabinet
Thiers-Noel, Louives
Student Wing
Élèves Libératifs
Youth Wing
Les Libérateurs du Futur
Classical Liberalism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Conseil National
21 / 100
Grande Ministre Plénipotentiaire
0 / 1
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The Parti Libératif is a center-right, liberal political party in la République Lourennais. As of the 4173 elections, the ninth set of elections the Parti Libératif has contested, it hold 21 of 100 seats in the Conseil National.


Early Period (1451 - 1470)Edit

The Parti Libératif was founded in the immediate run-up to the January 1451 elections by Claude Hervé, a former small businessman from the inland collectif of Jôviant.

Minor Coalition Partner (1470 - Present)Edit

Electoral HistoryEdit

Conseil National des Ouvriers
Date Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4151 0.08% 34,837
0 / 100
0 Opposition 3rd
4154 0.06% 35,451
0 / 100
Steady 0 Opposition Decrease 5th
4157 7.64% 4,871,584
7 / 100
Increase 7 Opposition Increase 4th
4160 6.09% 3,512,135
6 / 100
Decrease 1 Early Elections Called Steady 4th
4161 7.72% 4,871,177
8 / 100
Increase 2 Opposition Steady 4th
4164 18.64% 11,608,670
18 / 100
Increase 10 Opposition Increase 3rd
4167 17.83% 9,318,590
18 / 100
Steady 0 Opposition Steady 3rd
4170 18.13% 9,561,801
18 / 100
Steady 0 Minor Coalition Partner Steady 3rd
Conseil National
Date Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4173 21.86% 12,334,951
21 / 100
Increase 3 Minor Coalition Partner Steady 3rd

Political PositionsEdit

The Parti Libératif is described as a "classical liberal" party, which believes in limiting the role of the State in both economic and personal decision-making. The Parti relies heavily on devolution mechanisms to promote smaller government, given the current communistic nature of Lourenne.

The following is the offical record of Political Positions of the Parti Libératif, as of 4160.

Ideology Position Visibility Coherenecy
Centralization Moderate Federalist Excellent Perfect
Civil Rights Moderate Permissive Excellent Perfect
Ecology Moderate Environmentalist Close to None Perfect
Foreign Relations Isolationist-leaning Close to None Perfect
Government Responsibilities Small Government-leaning Excellent Perfect
Market Regulator-leaning Excellent Perfect
Military unknown Close to None Perfect
Morality Conservative-leaning Limited Perfect
Religion Religious-leaning Close to None Perfect

Another interesting measure of the political positions of the Parti Libératif is how it votes in comparison to the other major Lourennais parites. Below is such a chart, as of 4167:

Parti Libératif Parti Réformiste Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste Parti Unifié des Travailleurs
Parti Libératif 100% 89% 50% 21%


Structure and OrganizationEdit

Title Name
Candidate for Head of State Claude Hervé
Candidate for Head of Government Matheó Gabin
Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ghislaine Lefévre
Internal Affairs Minister Florentin Roche
Finance Spokesman Gaultier Firmin
Defence Spokesman Constant Lazare
Justice Minister Absolon Perrault
Infrastructure and Transport Spokesman Ferdinand Lyon
Health and Social Services Spokesman Carole Sauvageot
Education and Culture Minister Didier Tobias

Science and Technology Spokesman

Gaëlle Traver
Food and Agriculture Minister Jules Leandres
Environment and Tourism Spokesman Noël Faure
Trade and Industry Minister Reynald Valère
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