Old Guard Party
Leader Jason Firefox
Founded July 2466
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Court Rois in Eroncourt, Kreshar
Nation Free Republic of Lourenne
Ideology Liberal
Political Position Centre-Right
International Affiliations
Colours 9400D3 - Purple

The Old Guard Party, or OGP, is a liberal party in the Free Republic of Lourenne. In 2497 the party changed name to Popular Front of Lourenne (PFL). It changed back in 2504. The PFL made a comeback around 2600, but bad elections and the return of the Democrats secured the wing of the OGP back into the leading position of the party in 2639.

History Edit

The Old Guard is not old at all. The party was established in mid 2466 in Eroncourt, Kreshar by a generation much younger than the name suggests. It was established by a small group of university students as a class project; James Summersdale, George Wyndhaven, Mingus Magnusson, and Chasca-Coyllur (Claude Laurant). However, they had not expected it to catch on. The four students received numerous enquiries from fellow students where to sign up. It quickly spread to other universities in the province and the rest of the country; the most support for this adventure came from the provinces of Kreshar and Kundir, two rather marginalized parts of the country. The first election, in which the OGP participated, they received 34,085. It was not enough to secure any seats in the Lourennian parliament, but the new found party saw no reason to stop fighting the good fight.

Between 2467-2470 the OGP saw many of its laws being passed and the population of Lourenne awarded the party with 6 seats in Parliament in the December 2470 election. The following years many Lourennian parties ceased to exist and in 1976 the OGP recieved 14 seats, in what had come to be known as the Senate in Valois, and three years later they reached 18 seats. The abolition of the Socialist Reformist Party in 2480 left the OGP the second largest party in the Senate.

In October 2481 early elections were held du to the increase of Senate seats from 100 to 200. And Lourennes GOP, the Redemption Party, did not run, making the Progressives the largest party in the Senate. The OGP supported the Democratic presidential nominee, Thomas McNamara, in both rounds making him president. Only three parties received seats in the Senate, the Progressive Party, the Old Guard Party, and the Lourenne Democratic Party.

During the 2480's many new socialist parties came to be, changing the face of the political landscape of Lourenne. The Democratic People's Party became the largest party after the election of 2487, also gaining control of the presidency. However, the Nationalist Party called for early elections, which pushed the OGP back into an alliance with the Democrats, securing the nomination and election of Lucié Ormancey as President.

In 2491 the OGP could certainly not be regarded as a winner. The party lost 8 seats in the Seante and the presidential nominee, George Wyndhaven, came in fourth. Diego Benítez from the PDyS became President. A year into his presidency the OGP and LDP members of his cabinet resigned their posts du to political and administrative differences. Not everyone agreed with this and a split in politics took root in the party, headed by Juan Costabello. However, the OGP ones again supported the LDP at the 2494 election. This only made the split more potent. And before the 2497 election (moved forward to December 2496), the supporters of the split took control over the party agenda, and only few from the 'Old Guard' of the OGP was re-elected.

After the election of 2496, Juan Costabello became defacto leader of the party, though he was not the formal leader. Early on he had the OGP's name changed to Popular Front of Lourenne and the party embarked on a socialist-nationalist adventure.

Party Leadership Edit

Senators Edit

Alvium Jason Firefox, Grace Paldana, The Wyndhaven Family, and Gregory Landon (+7)

Kundir Vextana Xinto, William Wyndhaven, The Wyndhaven Family, The Wyndhaven Family, and The Wyndhaven Family (+9)

New Kreshar Milo Kennedy, Carin Bellaise, Bartholomew Brix, Hodia Patlak, and The Wyndhaven Family (+6)

Kreshar Améli Martinique, The Wyndhaven Family, The Wyndhaven Family, Dominick Summersdale, and Tina Villadsen (+1)

Haboves Kiyumyro Moritomo, Thomas Dick Harrison, and Octavian Popuor (+2)

Party Nominees Edit

Other Notable Members Edit

Former Cabinet Members Edit

Presidential ElectionsEdit

Year Presidential Candidate Running Mate Popular Vote Outcome
December 2466 James Summersdale n/a 26,565 Lost
December 2470 James Summersdale n/a 2,869,681 Lost
December 2473 James Summersdale Victor de Mussin 6,076,888 Lost
December 2476 James Summersdale Victor de Mussin 5,977,194 Lost
December 2479 James Summersdale Victor de Mussin 7,440,872 Lost
October 2481 none none Supported the Lourenne Democratic Party Won (Lourenne Democratic Party)
October 2484 James Summersdale Benoit Potour 10,194,569 Lost
October 2487 George Wyndhaven Benoit Potour 5,873,981 Lost
April 2488 none none Supported the Lourenne Democratic Party Won (Lourenne Democratic Party)
April 2491 George Wyndhaven Victoria Halland 5,601,260 Lost
April 2494 none none Supported the Lourenne Democratic Party Won (Lourenne Democratic Party)
November 2496 none none Supported the Worker's Party of Lourenne Won (Worker's Party of Lourenne)
February 2498 none none Supported the Communist People's Party Lost (The CPP didn't run)
February 2501 none none Supported the Communist People's Party Lost (The CPP didn't run)
February 2504 George Wyndhaven B. Bendtsen (LCP) 11,735,489 Won
February 2507 George Wyndhaven B. Bendtsen (LCP) 11,163,857 Won
April 2510 none none Supported the Lourenne Democratic Party Lost
April 2513 none none Supported the Lourenne Democratic Party Lost
April 2516 Jason Firefox Milo Kennedy 23,979,914 Won
April 2519 Dominick Summersdale none 12,177,524 Lost
April 2522 Dominick Summersdale none 12,134,224 Lost
April 2525 Dominick Summersdale none 24,384,272 Won
April 2528 Dominick Summersdale none 19,628,945 Won
April 2531 Dominick Summersdale none 18,452,448 Lost

General Elections Edit

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)Votes (%) (+)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)Seats (+)
December 246634,08544,248,8030.08+0.0801000.00+0
December 24702,736,50138,839,8377.05+6.9761006.00+6
December 24735,628,47042,699,16613.18+6.141310013.00+7
December 24765,876,89342,909,61713.70+0.511410014.00+1
December 24797,331,39042,001,24017.46+3.761810018.00+4
October 248112,896,03238,689,03833.33+15.886720033.50+49
October 24849,973,48541,056,57524.29-9.044920024.50-18
October 24875,613,42340,669,37013.80-10.492820014.00-21
April 24885,793,83840,036,98214.47+0.672920014.50+1
April 24914,272,44040,189,13410.63-3.842120010.50-8
April 24945,939,26540,447,26814.68+4.053020015.00+9
November 24964,144,91837,942,71810.92-3.762120010.50-9
February 24983,259,93738,397,9658.49-2.43162008.00-5
February 25015,640,17143,649,25212.92+4.432620013.00+10
February 25043,730,32843,446,0818.59-4.34152007.50-11
February 25075,625,37542,059,60513.37+4.792720013.50+12
February 25105,752,30244,062,72313.05-0.324030313.20+13
February 25135,425,89043,689,04712.42-0.643730312.21-3
February 25165,421,29945,445,97911.93-0.493630311.88-1
February 25197,141,96747,581,06915.01+3.084530314.85+9
February 25227,165,78544,514,84116.10+1.095030316.50+5
February 25256,754,15743,804,80815.42-0.684830315.84-2
February 25286,860,20146,279,67114.82-0.604630315.18-2
February 25316,996,48645,970,08215.22+0.404730315.51+1

Notable Deceased Members Edit

Popular Front of Lourenne (2497-2504)&(2600-2639)Edit

William Wyndhaven was also part of the PFL.

Unnotable Deceased Members Edit

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