Collaborations are intended to highlight pages which the community has decided to cooperate on improving. If you can help in updating or improving these pages, it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you have any suggestions about pages which should be added, contact a wiki administrator.


January's focus for community collaborations will be on improving the nation pages of Particracy's countries. As the primary source of information on a country within the Wiki, these pages are among the most important on the site and thus it's crucial that we keep them up-to-date and well-presented. A list of all of Paritcracy's country pages is below.

Government and politicsEdit

Throughout December, the community worked on improving the pages associated with the government and politics of Particracy and its countries. Since this scope was both broad and vital to the Wiki, we decided to build upon it by creating WikiProject Politics, utilising the resources originally collected for the collaboration.

Wanted pagesEdit

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Below are pages which it would be beneficial to the Wiki to have, if you have a moment consider creating the pages and adding some basic information.


WikiProjects are groups of players who attempt to improve the quality of a certain group of articles. Below are the current active WikiProjects