The Particracy Wiki Manual of Style is a manual of style for all articles on the Particracy Wiki. It outlines the basic standards and principles which contributors should aim to follow when editing and creating articles on the wiki.

The purpose of the manual of style is to help make the Particracy Wiki easier and more intuitive by promoting clarity and cohesion, while helping editors write articles with consistent and precise language, layout, and formatting.

Unless otherwise stated, the Wikipedia Manual of Style can be applied. Resources for which can be found here:


All articles should be written in English since it is the language of Particracy. Exceptions include:

  • providing the local name as a translation e.g. the Republic of Rildanor (Canrillaise: Rèpublique de Rildanor)
  • words which have no suitable English translation
  • words, phrases or names which are more popular under their native name (this does NOT include the names of political parties)

Plain English works best. Avoid ambiguity, jargon, and vague or unnecessarily complex wording. The Particracy Wiki does not prefer any specific variant of English (e.g. British English, Australian English or American English) however standardisation within an article is desirable. Additionally, efforts should be made to use the most appropriate form of English where one exists e.g. using British English in Luthori's article since it is the Particracy equivalent of England.

Punctuation and grammarEdit

Use sentence case for article titles and section headings, e.g. 'Government and politics' not 'Government and Politics'. Picture captions should not end in a full stop (a period) unless they are complete sentences. Italicize names of books, films, TV series, music albums, paintings, and ships—but not short works like songs or poems, which should be in quotation marks. Both James' house and James's house are correct.

Naming of statesEdit

Various states in Particracy have conflict over naming. Below is a list of the currently accepted standard name for each of these conflicts.

  • Barmenia/Barmenistan= Barmenistan
  • Dankuk/Dranland/Drania= Dankuk
  • Hulstria/Gishoto/Gao-Soto/Mikuni-Hulstria= Hulstria and Gao-Soto
  • New Endralon/Kizenia= New Endralon
  • Narikaton/Darnussia= Narikaton and Darnussia


Avoid using BC and AD. BCE and CE are preferable since Christ doesn't not exist in Particracy.



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