Below are the recommended guidelines to follow when categorising pages. Adding categories to a page makes it easier to find similar pages through the 'Read more' section and also helps players to access information more easily. While it is preferable that the categories are uniform and consistent, don't worry too much; it's better to have too many categories than too few.


Every page should have at least one category. Certain pages will only need one category while other pages will need several. Categories themselves should also be categorised, creating subcategories.

Every single category and page should eventually lead to the top of the Particracy Wiki category structure, which is the "Contents" category. Substantive articles should all be located somewhere within "Topics". Most pages will fall within the boundaries of a particular in-game country. For this reason, an example of an appropriate country structure has been demonstrated below. Please not that the country used is an example and that the general principles apply to all countries.

  • Jakania
    • Culture of Jakania
      • Sport in Jakania
      • Music of Jakania
      • Art of Jakania
    • Economy of Jakania
      • Companies of Jakania
    • Geography of Jakania
      • Cities in Jakania
      • Rivers in Jakania
    • Government and politics of Jakania
      • Elections in Jakania
      • Political parties in Jakania
      • Cabinets of Jakania
    • History of Jakania
    • Jakanian people
      • Jakanian people by occupation
        • Jakanian politicians
        • Jakanian businesspeople
        • Jakanian musicians
    • Military of Jakania

Country pagesEdit

  • Category for their nation (i.e. Category:Zardugal for the Zardugal article)
  • Category for their continent (i.e Category:Countries of Artania for the Dundorf article)
  • Category for their membership in major international organizations (i.e. Category:Member states of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization for the Trigunia article)

Party pagesEdit

  • Category for all parties in the nation they operate (i.e. 'Political parties in (Nation name)')
  • Additionally, you may wish to add ideology-related categories (e.g. 'Conservative political parties', 'Monarchist political parties', 'Liberal political parties')

For example, the categories for the Aldegarian National Party would be:

  • Political parties in Aldegar
  • Socialist political parties
  • Nationalist political parties

Politicians, people, etc.Edit

  • Category for their national citizenship (i.e. Category:Dorvish people for a person from Dorvik)
  • Category for their ethnic affiliation (i.e. Category:Asli people for an Asli person. This only applies to people who are ethnically different from their national affiliation.)
  • Category for their ethnic affiliation (i.e. Category:Kafuri politicians for a politician in Kafuristan or Category:Asli politicians for a minority politician in Kafuristan. This only applies to politicians, not to non-politicians)
  • Category for their political party affiliation (OPTIONAL i.e. Category:White Guard (Trigunia) politicians)

Royal housesEdit

  • Category for their general organization (i.e. Category:Noble families for all houses of nobility)
  • Category for their national affiliation (i.e. Category:Dorvish nobility for Dorvish nobility)
  • Category for their ethnic affiliation (i.e. Category:Dundorfian noble families for the House of Wittelsbach)
  • Category for their continental affiliation (i.e. Category:Majatran noble families for House of Al-Shabab)


Government agencies, ministriesEdit

Regions, cities, territories and geographyEdit

  • Category for regions general organization (i.e. Category:Regions of Lourenne for Jôviant region article)
  • Category for capital cities, regions, territories organization (i.e. Category:Capital districts, cities and territories for Petrovgrad city article)
  • Category for cities national organization (i.e. Category:Cities of Kafuristan for the Nekkah city article)
  • Category for cities regional organization (i.e. Category:Cities of Kordusia for the Haldor city article)
  • Category for geographic locations organization (i.e Category:Geography of Zardugal for a Zardic geographic location)
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