Below are a number of templates infoboxes for use on wiki pages. Using infoboxes allows players to gain the mpst important information from a page at a glance and ensures there is consistency across the wiki.

Countries and continentsEdit

Administrative divisionsEdit

Government, politics and royaltyEdit

Military, armed forces and conflictEdit

Political parties and electionsEdit


Particracy Wiki Templates
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Political templates Template:Infobox government agency - Template:Infobox legislature - Template:Infobox officeholder - Template:Infobox political post - Template:Infobox bilateral relations - Template:Infobox government agency - Template:Infobox law enforcement agency - Template:Infobox government cabinet - Template:Infobox executive government - Template:Infobox political party test - Template:Infobox political party umbrella - Template:Infobox election
Geographic templates Template:Infobox continent - Template:Infobox country - Template:Infobox City - Template:Infobox region - Template:Infobox settlement - Template:Capitalcity
Economic templates Template:Infobox economy - Template:Infobox Company
War, conflict and military templates Template:Infobox national military - Template:Infobox military unit - Template:Infobox military award - Template:Infobox militant organization - Template:Battle
Royalty and nobility templates Template:Infobox monarchy - Template:Infobox Royalty - Template:Infobox royal house
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