The nation page guidelines are intended to provide a structure for contributors to use when improving or updating the wiki page of their nation. These suggestions are only advisory and should not be forced on a page when the contributors who are maintaining it don't want to use it.


We recommend using the Template:Infobox country infobox although the Template:Country can be a good starting point too. An overview of the former is below.

{{Infobox country
| name = <!--Native name(s) of the nation (defaults to page name).-->
| name_en = <!--English name of the nation (if not the native language).-->
| name_short = <!--Colloquial name of the nation (defaults to previous entries).-->
| Timeline = <!--Name of this nation's timeline (automatic linking).-->
| otl = <!--Regional equivalents from our timeline.-->
| area_unit = <!--Unit of measurement used for area (defaults to metric).-->
| of = <!--Possessive genitive of the nation (defaults to "of").-->
| flag = <!--File name of the national flag.-->
| coa = <!--File name of the national coat of arms.-->
| map = <!--File name of the desired map.-->
| motto = <!--National motto.-->
| motto_lang = <!--Language of the national motto.-->
| motto_en = <!--English translation of the national motto.-->
| Anthem = <!--National anthem.-->
| capital = <!--Name of the national capital.-->
| city_largest = <!--Name of the most populated city (defaults to capital).-->
| city_other = <!--List of additional cities.-->
| language = <!--Official languages of the nation.-->
| language_other = <!--Additional languages of the nation.-->
| religion = <!--Major religions of the nation.-->
| religion_other = <!--Additional religions of the nation.-->
| ethnic_group = <!--Major ethnic groups of the nation.-->
| ethnic_other = <!--Additional ethnic groups of the nation.-->
| demonym = <!--Demonym of the nation.-->
| regime = <!--Type of national government.-->
| governing_body = <!--National legislature.-->
| HoStitle = <!--Title of the head of state.-->
| HoSname = <!--Name of the current head of state.-->
| CoGtitle = <!--Title of the head of government.-->
| CoGname = <!--Name of the current head of government.-->
| area = <!--National area (defaults to metric).-->
| population = <!--National population.-->
| est_date = <!--Date of establishment.-->
| ind_from = <!--Previous holder of sovereignty.-->
| ind_date = <!--Date at which independence was declared.-->
| ind_rec = <!--Date at which independence was recognized.-->
| currency = <!--Name of the national currency.-->
| timezone = <!--Time zones of the nation.-->
| summer_time = <!--Summer time zones of the nation.-->
| drives_on = <!--Side of the road in which cars drive on.-->
| calling_code = <!--Calling code of the nation.-->
| Internet TLD = <!--Internet top-level domains of the nation.-->
| organizations = <!--Organizations which this nation is involved with.-->


Pages should follow a roughly similar structure but some deviation may be appropriate to accomodate for differences between countries. Below is an example structure.




==Government and politics==
===Politics and elections===
===Administrative divisions===
===Foreign relations===



===Ethnic groups===



We suggest adding the page to the category of the same name (e.g. "Aldegar" for the Aldegar page) as well as the respective continent(s) category (e.g. "Seleya" for Aldegar).