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Partito Borisista Istaliano
Leader Michele Carta
Founded 2245
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Calliari
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Borisism (a variant of Socialism)
Political Position Left
International Affiliations Socialist International
Italian Coalition
Colours FF9900

The Partito Borisista Istaliano (en: Istalian Borisist party) is inspired by Borisism, which bases are:

  • the state should grant the citizens' rights, if they not hurt other one liberty;
  • the use of diplomatic solution for international controversies;
  • grant equal dignity to all citizens, by welfare;
  • an equal redistribution of taxes;
  • grant the secularization of state;
  • grant security to citizens;
  • favour the research;
  • nationalization of basic utilities;
  • fight against pollution, in order to grant the health of citizens.
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