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Partito Comunista Istaliano
Leader Enrico Berlinguar, Riccardo Gramsci, Carlo Enrico Pisacane
Founded October, 2325
Dissolved June, 2456
Headquarters Via delle Botteghe Oscure 4, Romula
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Communism
Political Position left
International Affiliations Communist Confederation
Socialist International
Colours      Red

The Partito Comunista Istaliano (en: Istalian Communist party)  is a party which try to represent the work class; its main goals are the abolition of capitalism and the realization of a communist state. He was foundend in 2325. In 3458 the party came back after his first dessolution.

It wants to:

  1. Establish the communist economic sistem.
  2. Establish the power to worker class.
  3. Protect human rights
  4. Fight against war. The party believes that the enemy is in their country and it isn't a foreign state.
  5. Protect state secularism.

The Sinistra Istaliana (Istalian Left) Edit

The Partito Comunista Istaliano it's one of the founder of the Sinistra Istaliana (en: Istalian Left), an organization composed of parties that fight for socialism in Istalia.
In July 2385, the letters "S.I." were added to his name.


The party after a first dissolution in 2392 was reformed before the election 2400 while in 2409 contested the elections as Movimento per il Socialismo Istaliano (Movement for the Istalian Socialism).
For the 4218 elections the party changed again its name becoming the Partito Democratico di Sinistra (Democratic Party of Left), name which maintained until its definitive dissolution in 2456.

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