The Communist Party of Istalia (Istalian: Partito Comunista d'Istalia) is a Marxist, Socialist and Communist party in Istalia. Founded in Nepoli, April 4611.

The Communist Party of Istalia seeks to represent and organize the Istalian workers towards the conquest of Power and the State in order to found a Popular Republic based in the ideals of peace, love and solidarity. The Party understands that this conquest can be achieved through peaceful methods and democratic elections or through violent methods and a proletarian revolution. 

Political Ideology and Objectives Edit

The Communist Party of Istalia is Marxist, Socialist and Communist and declares itself as Internationalist. This means that the Party is fundamentally interested in the conquest of Power by and for the Working Class in order to establish a Popular Republic based on the ideals of happiness, equality and liberty for all.

Regarding the most important changes the party intends to establish, are the nationalization of the nation's riches, the foundation of a 'popular' sector of the economy organized through workers councils and finally, a complete social revolution of the Istalian society and the elimination of the Monarchical system.

Communist Party of Istalia
Vito Barbo
Per la Libertà (For Liberty)
~April, 4611
Nepoli, Istalia
Youth wing
Gioventù Comunista (Communist Youth)
Student wing
~2900 (4611)
Political position
Upper Left-Radical Left
International affiliation
     Dark Red
Assemblea Nazionale dell'Impero
0 / 681
0 / 5
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