Partito Nazionalista Istaliano

Nike, the PNI symbol

Leader Benito Massolini
Founded August, 2280
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Genevia
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Nationalist, militarist
Political Position Right
International Affiliations Fronte di Liberazione Nazionale
Colours 000000
Website [1]

The Partito Nazionalista Istaliano (en: Istalian Nationalist party) was officially created on August 2280, the same month of its first elections. It is a nationalist party, founder with Democrazia Nazionale of the Fronte di Liberazione Nazionale (FLNI), the right-wing coalition which challenge the Fronte Popolare Istaliano.

Its goals are:

  • put Istalia on the top of Terra and defending Istalians;
  • maintain a strong centralized government which protects citizens;
  • be progressive, but maintain the ancient Istalian heritage.

In its coalition:

  • save traditional moral values not considered by socialists;
  • govern Istalia with a program which grants the moral and material greatness of the nation.

Its motto is "Ostinato Rigore".

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