The Partito Patriottico is an Istalian Political Party,founded in June 4443 by Martino Trentini

History Edit

Leadership of Martino Trentini Edit

At the beginning of his foundation the party was led By Martino Trentini. During the first elections of 4444 the party obtained only the 0,06 % and no seat in the parliament while at successive elections had an exploit reaching the 5,48%. During the Large coalition Government of transition the Paritito patriottico voted against most of the laws proposed by the new government except for the increase in workers' salaries.In the 4452 elections the party decided to give its support to Juliana Vespa-Baldassare, candidate of the National Democratic Party as president of the Republic who succeded to be elected. Then the party gets three ministries of the Cabinet Adriani.

Law Proposed Edit

Bestiality Act: soon after his creation Martino Trentini proposed at the Parlament a law that ban having sexual acts with animals.It Passed

Nation Comparison:it was a law whichwould have helped to lower unemployment but was rejected by parliament.

Party President Edit

Name Leadership


1 Martino Trentini 4443-Present 40-
Senza titolo-0

Electoral results Edit

Anno Votes % votes Seats
4444 36,947 0,06 0
4448 3,396,342 5,38 25
4452 5,201,046 8,76 41
4456 9,292,847 14,22 72
4460 7,894,569 12,97 6

Presidential elections

Year Votes %Votes Candidate
4444 54,606 0,08 Martino Trentini
4448 7,486,220 11,71 Martino Trentini
4452 Endorsed Juliana Vespa-Baldassare (PND)
4456 Endorsed Maria Muller(PND)
4460 9,300,058 14.87% Martino Trentini