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Partito Social-Liberista Istaliano
Leader Andrea Fustino
Founded January, 2230
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Bellogna
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Socialist, libertarian
Political Position centre-left
International Affiliations Pro nuclear power, Fronte Popolare Istaliano
Pan Majatran Movement, Pro-MCMA Organization
Colours dc143c
Website Party's page on Particracy

The Partito Social-Liberista Istaliano (en: Istalian Social-libertarian party) is a centre-left party, funded on January 2230 and founding father of the Repubblica Istaliana. It is on the Fronte Popolare Istaliano coalition.


Also if its senior members were already elected on the Soviet Union People's Assembly, it was recognized as Partito Socialista Quanzariano (en: Quanzari Socialist party) only after that the Union decided to recognize non-historical parties (actually the old ones were different wings of the unique Quanzari Communist party). After an historical congress in Bunogna on 2245, the party decided to change its economical direction, opening to the market economy and deciding to change the name to Partito Social-Liberista Quanzariano (en: Quanzari Social-libertarian party). When the Repubblica Istaliana was proclamated it changed its name to the current one.


Its goals are:

  • a real social equality, created by a progressive taxation system and an indirect control of free market economy;
  • the defence of environment, with the theory of compatible development;
  • the extension of fundamental civil rights, like homosexual relations and euthanasia;
  • the establishment of a parliamentary Republic, since each citizen should have the same rights and duties.

Its motto is: "Equality and Solidarity".

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