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Partito dei Democratici Istaliani
Party of Istalian Democrats
Party Leader
General Secretary: Luca Cecconi
June 4083 as Democrazia Istaliana (Istalian Democracy)
February 4100 (refounded in October); refounded in May 4211 as PDI
Piazza della Pace 33, Romula
Student Wing
Gruppi Studenteschi Democratici (Democrats Students Groups)
Youth Wing
Gioventù Celeste (Light Blue Youth)
International Affiliation
Official Color
     Light Blue
Political Position
1 / 100
38 / 635
Politics of Istalia
Political Parties in Istalia
Elections in Istalia

Partito dei Democratici Istaliani Edit

Partito dei Democratici Istaliani (Luthorian: Party of Istalian Democrats) is an Istalian political party, founded in June 4083 as Democrazia Istaliana by a group of Hosians that wanted to make Istalia happier. In May 4211, after a primary vote, becomes PDI. Its General Secretary is Luca Cecconi, former Governor of Trivendito.

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