Particracy Wiki

A Party, shortened from Political Party is a political organization that seeks to obtain political power in a government.

In Particracy you create your own party, based on whatever ideology you so choose to.

There is a maximum of eight parties per nation, after which point no new parties may be formed. However this amount can increase if the nation has eight active parties and one or more inactive parties from the past are activated again.

A parties power is based primarily on how many seats it has in the national legislature, and to a lesser degree the difference in seat shares held by other parties.

The cabinet and, in cases that the Head of State is either elected, or the same position as the Head of Government, will also be an elected member of a party.

A parties position(s), which can be seen on the party page, influence the amount of votes a party gets, which equals how many seats it has. Every nation has a set of position on several issues, which can be seen on the nations main page. Voting for bills that are positive towards the position the population likes will make your parties visibility more towards that position and when it comes to voting give your party more seats than if you vote against the nationally preferred positions.