Partia Koalicji Narodowej
Party of National Coalition
Party Leader
Hanna Lisowska
Deputy Chair:
Andrzej Tymoteusz Paszek
Bronisław Sądzielski
June 4329
Student Wing
Young Nationals
Youth Wing
National Students Association
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
center to left
248 / 465
53 / 100

Party of National Coalition (val: Partia Koalicji Narodowej, PKN) is a political party in the Republic of Valruzia. It is the legal successor of a political party under the same name as well as the Valruzian Labour Party and National Unity.

History Edit

Merger (June 4329) Edit

In June 4329 during a joint, three-party convention Hanna Lisowska (Representing the old Party of National Coalition), Andrzej T. Paszek (representing the NU) and Bronisław Sądzielski (representing the WPP) announced the creation of the new Party of National Coalition.

Factions Edit

Liberal Faction (val: Frakcja Liberalna, PKN-L) Edit

See also: PKN Liberal Faction

Liberal Faction is one of three factions within the Party of National Coalition. It represents the liberal values on both economic and social issues. It promotes so-called "intelligent" privatization, but supports government's interventionism in sectors crucial for the economy. It represents pro-choice groups and is opposed to any form of abortion restrictions. It favors low tax rates for corporations and individuals. Some of its members declared support for flat income tax.

National Faction (val: Frakcja Narodowa, PKN-N) Edit

Progressive Faction (val: Frakcja Postępowa, PKN-P) Edit

See also: PKN Progressive Faction
PKN-P is the furthest left faction of the PKN. It represents social democratic and progressive values of the left. It promotes government interventionism in economy and diplomatic approach in international relations. The Progressive Faction supports progressive income tax and higher taxes for corporations. It also supports gay and abortion rights.

OOC: Additional Information Edit

(OOC: The party is run by three different players, for more information please contact Masionette11 for Liberal Faction, Wilderberg III for Progress Faction, zaedin0001 for National Faction)

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