Patrioticheskiy Sotsialisticheskiy Soyuz
General SecretaryTraktirnikov Bogdan Yermolayevich
FounderTraktirnikov Bogdan Yermolayevich
Founded29 March 4794
Dissolved21 April 4795
Split fromKrasnoye Dvizheniye
Membership  (4794)2,376Increase
  • Communism
  • Metzism-Leonidism
  • Socialist Patriotism
  • Agrarian Socialism
Political positionLeft-Wing to Far-Left
Central Committee of the People's Assembly
0 / 250
Party flag
PSS Flag

Patrioticheskiy Sotsialisticheskiy Soyuz (Patriotic Socialist Union) Edit

Patrioticheskiy Sotsialisticheskiy Soyuz (Patriotic Socialist Union) is a communist, Metzist-Leonidist and patriotic political party in Trigunia. The party seeks to establish a patriotic socialist Trigunia, free from liberalism, internationalism and capitalism. The PSS is opposed to modern day liberal democracy and global capitalism. The party is also opposed to urban and industrial society and instead advocates for agrarian socialism.

The PSS seeks to form a strong semi-authoritarian socialist state, where the workers and peasants are empowered. The party espouses populist, patriotic and socialist rhetoric.

History Edit

The Patrioticheskiy Sotsialisticheskiy Soyuz was founded on 29 March 4794 by Traktirnikov Bogdan Yermolayevich, it was founded as an offshoot of the Krasnoye Dvizheniye. The party failed to gain any seats in the 4794 Elections.

List of General Secretaries Edit

Name Took Office Left Office
Traktirnikov Bogdan Yermolayevich 4794 Incumbent

Electoral Results Edit

Central Committee of the People's Assembly Edit

Year Votes Total Votes % Seats +/- Position Government
4794 30,048 62,144,505 0.05% 0 New 3rd TBA

Supreme Chairman of the People's Assembly Edit

Year Candidate Votes Total Votes % +/-
4794 Traktirnikov Bogdan Yermolayevich 33,569 61,449,879 0.05% Increase0.05
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