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Paul Simeon
Paul simeon

Chairman of the Royal Democratic Party
In office
17 October 3211 – 30 September 3244
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Prime Minister of Kingdom of Dranland
In office
1 October 3240 – 1 Januar 3247
Preceded by
Albert von Speer (NSPoD)
Succeeded by

Member of the National Parliament
In office
1 September 3210 – 1 September 3246

Governor of Valdor
In office
1 September 3204 – 1 September 3210

15 March 3176
Liffanés, province Valdor
15 February 3259
Liffanés, province Valdor
Political party
Regina Lorens
  • John Simeon
  • Wanda Simeon
Liffanés, province Valdor
Alma Mater
University of Economics, Liffanés, province Valdor
International Relations
www.paulsimeon.dr www.rdp.dr/simeon


Paul Simeon was born 15 March 3176 in Liffanés, Valdor province. He studied at the University of Economics in Liffanés.

He was married to Regina Lorens, have two children together, John and Wanda.

After leaving politics, he moved to Liffanés, where he lived with his wife until his death in 3259.


Into politics came first as advisor to the Minister of Finance. In 3240, after the parliamentary elections, he became Prime Minister of Kingdom of Dranland.

We try to keep in the country freedom and democracy. His priority is freedom of religion and freedom of expression. He is loyal to the crown and the royal family Santiago, who are the only legitimate descendants of the royal throne of Dranianos.

His political career he ended after the elections in 3246.

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