People's Republic of Darnussia
Darnussian Democratic Republic   2586-2599   United Republic of Narikaton and Darnussia
Flag of the People's Republic of Darnussia
Motto: Fu' Die Albor! (For the Leader!)
Anthem: Hasten to Battle
Map of Darnussia
Government type Socialist Republic
Leader Norman Lee Lanzalotta
Governing parties The Red Stad Communist Front
Founded 2586
Language Darnus
Capital Red Stad
Largest city Doressa
Area 913,200 km²
 - Estimated
Currency Darnussian Rupan
Sport N/A
Animal N/A
Kozaria, Alkavon, (Disputed - Narikaton, Nihaton, Clenon)
Nation ID Number: 13

The Peoples Republic of Darnussia was a short-lived wartime state that consisted of the mainland of Darnussia during the Second Darnussian Civil War. It was governed by the Red Stad Communist Front, with supporting roles of government being held by the New-Revolutionary Communist Party (NRCP). It declared itself the people's republic after Narikaton and the islands declared independence, and the resulting war between the two newly formed states.

After Narik independence, the right-wing parties, mainly the Darnussian Liberation Army left Darnussian government for the new Narik parliament. This left the Communist's in complete control of the country, and their first act was to declare a socialist republic. Within 5 days of Narik's decleration of independence, the People's Republic of Darnussia declared war on Narikaton.

The war ended in the People's Republics defeat, and the short lived United Republic was put in its place, after just 14 years of being.

People's Revolutionary Army
Workers of Darnussia, unite!
History of the Party
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