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Petrovič I

Emperor and Autocrat of Trigunia

Imperator i Samoderzhets Vsetrigunĭskiĭ

Father Alexander Doroshenko
Mother Julia Doroshenko
Spouse Anne Doroshenko
  • Tsarevich Pavlo
  • Princess Anne
Titles and Styles
  • Emperor and Autocrat
Date of Birth
  • 30 October 2971
Date of Death
  • 5 June 3037
Imperial Dynasty House of Doroshenko

His Imperial Majesty, Petrovič I, By the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of Trigunia was the former Emperor of Trigunia, informally known as the Tsar of Trigunia. Petrovič became Emperor on February 3022 after the Cossacks (Rodshya: Kazaki) removed dictator Mikhail Maskhadov from power. Petrovič claimed legitimacy through an old Deltarian noble family line. Regardless if his claim was legitimate, Petrovič exercised absolute control in Trigunia with the military and political support of the Cossacks. On January 3030, he abdicated the throne in favour of his son Pavlo I and then assumed an advisor position to his son.

Family Background[]

Petrovič was born in Alazinder, Deltaria, a prince of the Doroshenko branch of the family of the Lineykov Dynasty. He grew up in the cosmopolitan environment of Deltarian high nobility. The Doroshenko, descending from the Suislaw cossacks, were quite wealthy and respected by the Deltarians who often let the Cossack's run their own communities free from the Czar's influence. Petrovič has some ancestry from medieval rulers of Deltaria, descents from both his mother's and father's side. Petrovič would found his royal dynasty in Trigunia.


Petrovič I engaged in anti-Protestantism policies such as tightening restrictions on where they could live in the country and restricting the occupations that Protestants could attain. Petrovič I passed many laws imposing extremely harsh conditions on Protestants as a people including former nobles who have since then been stripped of their titles and possessions.


On January 3030, Petrovič abdicated his throne in favour of his son Pavlo I.

Official Title[]

Full Title: His Imperial Majesty, Tsar Petrovič I, by the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of Trigunia, Tsar of Chadonia, Tsar of Yulrath, Tsar of Tirgith, Tsar of Milrata, Tsar of Kildan Olvar, Lord of Pattergrad, of Kommenovsk, of Morozorota and other territories, Grand Duke of Rodshyadam, Grand Protector of the Bear's Den, Sovereign of all Northern Territories, Emperor of Emperors, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Marshal of the Empire, Conqueror of the Hulstrian Empire in Trigunia and in Keris, Highest Hussar of Chadonia, Guardian of the Holy Vatikan, Hetman of the Alazinder Cossacks, Patriarch of the Doroshenko Dynasty, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.

Preceded by
Emperor of Trigunia
3022 - 3030
Succeeded by
Pavlo I

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