View of the beaches of Pietersburg.
City Motto Stad van die ewige sonskyn
(City of Eternal Sunshine)
Mayor Margarite Kuypers
Province Sint Pieterieland, Seridjan
Population 6,600,0000
Area 602 km²

Pietersburg is located on Sint Pietereiland and is the largest city in Saridan with a population of over 6.6 million people.

Saridan articles
History Slavery stand-off
Geography Administrative divisions - Cities - Kidnarrie River - Lake Murumulada - River Jilber - Shallows
Politics Elections - Judiciary - Legislature - Political parties - Supreme court
Demographics Ethnic groups: Duntrekkers, Euphitriens, Iftgoerroon, Ikpis
Religion: Restored Ameliorate Church of Saridan, Theognosian Church
Culture Sport - Armed Forces - Education
Economy Banking
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