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Pirate War
Pirates war.jpg
Date December 3861 - March 3873
Location Majatran Sea
South Ocean Treaty Organisation (SOTO) Pirate flag.png Majatran Sea pirates

Black flag.png Ahmadi State in Badara

Alternate cildanian flag 2.png Interim Cildanian Government



  • Emperor Quintus Sibilla

Cildanian rebels:

Ahmadi State in Badara:


The Pirate War was a naval campaign led by Selucian Consul Lucius Cassius Aquilinus against pirates in the Majatran Sea as well as governments allied with the pirates. The collapse of the Jelbic Khaganate in the aftermath of the Jelbic War led to political and military instability throughout the continent, which resulted in the reemergence of piracy. As a result Selucia joined the South Ocean Treaty Organisation, an ancient international organization which included anti-piracy patrols among its goals, and in December 3861 the Selucian Senate passed the "Fuck the Pirates Act". The Act granted the Consul Popularis consular imperium over the Majatran Sea with the explicit aim of ending piracy, which had become a significant burden on international trade.

During the war Aquilinus led a large armada that battled Majatran piracy for twelve years, successfully removing piracy from most of the Majatran Sea. Using the large armada under his command, Imperator Aquilinus strong-armed several SOTO nations, including the Pápežský States and the Ahmadi Republic of Barmenistan, to provide supplies and military assistance and even transfer sovereignty over several harbors and territories to Selucia. In 3873 Aquilinus brought his navy into the Cildanian Civil War on the side of the Imperial government. He was however defeated in the naval battle of Qart Ramesh by the Cildanian rebels, and his own ship was sunk during the battle. Aquilinus himself was confirmed dead several months afterwards. With the disintegration of the Selucian armada, the territories that had been annexed by Selucia were returned under the sovereignty of their original nations. In spite of Selucia's defeat, the Pirate War was successful in bringing Majatran piracy to an end and allowed trade on the Majatran Sea to flourish once again, leading to the reconstruction of the continent's economy.