Plebeian Democratic Party
Factio Plebeia Democratica
Plebeian party logo
Party Leader
Caius Capo
August 3652
Argona, West Shadar
Student Wing
Plebeian Students of Selucia
Youth Wing
Young Plebs
Metzism, Left Communism, Selucian Paganism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
100 / 645
1 / 5
Government and Politics of Selucia

The Plebeian Democratic Party (Selucian: Factio Plebeia Democratica) was a Communist political party in Selucia. The Plebeian Democratic Party had a left-communist ideology, rejecting the concept of a vanguard party as leading a proletarian revolution and rejecting state capitalism/state socialism, instead advocating workers' councils (or Plebeian Councils) as the means for dismantling the bourgeois state. The Plebeian Democratic Party was also closely affiliated with Religio Seluciana, wishing to restore that religion to its position of prominence within Selucia; the Religio had become the religion of the lower classes since its replacement by the Selucian Patriarchal Church, and many Plebeian leaders throughout the modern history of Selucia have been practitioners of Selucian Paganism. The Plebeian Democratic Party, cooperating with a number of other communist parties, gained power locally in a series of uprisings, leading to the Conservative-led government to suppress Communist movements in Selucia, aided by numerous sanctions imposed by the nations of Majatra. The Plebeian Revolution eventually collapsed due to factional fighting, government suppression, and international sanctions.

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