Պնտէկ Pnték
EthnicityPntek people
Native speakers58 million  (3789)
Language family
  • Jelbic
    • Northern Jelbic
Language codes
ISO 639-3Pnt

Pntek or Pnték is the dominant language in Pontesi and the native language of the Pntek people. As a North Jelbic language, Pntek is closely related to Brmek and Jelbek, to the point of mutual intelligibility, the main difference consisting in the adstratum: whereas Jelbek primarily uses Deltarian for its source of loanwords and Brmek uses Qedarite (Semitic) languages, Pntek is mostly influenced by Nrktek in its vocabulary.

Alphabet and PhonologyEdit

Pntek Alphabet and Phonology
Nrakti Selucian IPA Phonology
Ը ը a ǣ like a in "pad"
Ա ա á ɑː like ar in "far"
Ը ը à æ like a in "pad" but very short
Բ բ b b like b in "burn"
Ջ ջ c d͡ʒ like j in "jam"
Դ դ d d like d in "dirt"
Ե ե e ə like e in "tell"
Է է é like ay in "bay"
Թ թ f 'f like f in "fester". Aspirated.
Գ գ g ɡʱ like g in "gurn". Breathily voiced.
Հ հ h ɦ voiced glottal fricative. No English Equivalent
Ի ի i ɪ like i in "instead"
Իյ իյ í like ee in "bee"
Յ յ j j like y in "yell"
Կ կ k k like ch in "mechanism". Aspirated if start of word.
Լ լ l ɫ like l in "milk"
Մ մ m m like m in "met"
Ն ն n n like n in "burn"
Ո ո o like o in Spanish "todo"
Պ պ p p like p in "printer". Aspirated if start of word.
Ր ր r like r in Czech "krk"
Ս ս s s like s in "sit"
Շ շ sh ʃ like sh in "shoe".
Տ տ t t like t in "tape"
Ու ու u u like u in "mural"
Ֆ ֆ v f like f in "influence". Not aspirated.
Վ վ w v like w in German "Werken"
Ւ ւ y ɪ like y in "synchronised"
Զ զ z like z in German "zoo"
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