Administrative status
Mayor Rupert Roots (Surprise Party of Clenon)
Founded circa 500 BCE
Population (estimate pending)
Region Clenon
Nation Darnussian Democratic Republic

Podrueja is the capital city of the Province of Clenon, and the southernmost urban center in the nation, located on the south shore of Shirmania on the Anjord River. During the Deimore Incident, Clenon and its suburbs were obliterated by at least three nuclear detonations, wiping over two millennia of history away in seconds, on the morning of June 6, 2638. On June 6, 2643, the cleanup effort officially began, and permanent residents had returned by late 2695.

History of Podrueja[edit | edit source]

In ancient times, Podrueja was primarily a river and ocean port city, trafficing in raw materials mined from the mountains to the north, or from the caverns to the northeast. The city had traditionally been allied with Ansest, in Narikaton, during the city-states period, and had turbulent relations with Moete, on the other side of the Island of Shirmania.

In stark contrast to Moete, Podrueja was a relatively dense urban center throughout its history, mainly due to the local terrain. Its wealth, as the political capital of Clenon, and the main financial center of all of Darnussia, made it the home to Darnussia's first, tallest, and oldest skyscrapers.

People and Population[edit | edit source]


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