The police departement of Kizenia is separated between the Poliția Națională (Luthorian:National Police) and local police forces. The Poliția Națională was founded in 3164.

National Police
Poliția Națională
Motto Pumnul legii
The fist of Law
Agency overview
Formed 4220
Employees 166.000
Annual budget 150,000,000,000 NED
Legal personality Non government: [[{{{legalpersonality}}}]]
Jurisdictional structure
Governing body Ministry of Internal Affairs
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Cetatea Albă

Structure Edit

Ministry of Internal Affairs Edit

Poliția Națională (Luthorian: National Police) Edit

===== 1.1.1 General Directorate for Countering the Organized Crime Anti-Drug Directorate Directorate of Combating Human Trafficking Cyber Crime Directorate Directorate of Combating Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering Special Operations Directorate
1.1.2. General Directorate for Criminal Investigations Fraud Investigations Directorate Criminal Investigations Directorate Directorate of Firearms, Explosives and Toxic Substances
1.1.3. General Directorate for Public Safety Police Public Order Directorate Traffic Police Directorate Transport Police Directorate
1.1.4. General Directorate for Administrative Police Forensics Institute Directorate for Criminal Records, Statistics and Operational Registry Directorate for Logistics =====


Poliția Tilarnia (Luthorian: Tilarnia Police) Edit

Poliția Tiania (Luthorian: Tiania Police) Edit

Rendőrség Endrafold (Luthorian: Endrafold Police) Edit

Rendőrség Zyldavia (Luthorian: Zyldavia Police) Edit

Keisatsu Kutohaderia (Luthorian: Keisatsu Police) Edit

Equipment Edit

Number Use Picture
36.000 Standart Police Car
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10.000 Police Bus
3000 Special Intervention Bus
8612141423 e80933c937
500 High Speed Chase Car
50 Police Helicopters
290-politia-romanian-police-eurocopter-ec135-p2 PlanespottersNet 320172

The equipment of police officers consists out of:

A side gun

A pair of handcuffs

An expandable baton

A radio communication device