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In Istalia, as per the constitution there is a multi-party system. Istalia has had a prominent multi-party system that existed under all the four istalian republican regime since the 2233 and also under the previous Union of Quanzari Soviets since 2118. The system however has been interrupted from time to time, especially under the restorations of the quanzarian rule, but has remained at the core of the nation.

Active Political PartiesEdit

The number of "seats" showed into the table refers to the seats into the Chamber of Deputies, being the weight into the lower house to determine the veritable force of a party and so its possibilities to form governments or government's coalitions.

Parties with representation (4484)
Logo Name Abbrev. Founded Ideology Position Seats Status
Partito degli Agricoltori
Partito degli Agricoltori
Farmers' Party
PdA 4273 Radical Centrism, Hosian Democracy, Soft-Conservatism Center
89 / 505
Partito Nazionale Democratico
Democratic National Party
PND Reestablishment 4395
Foundation 4223
Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism Center-right
86 / 505
Unione dei Liberal Democratici - I.P.
Union of Liberal Democrats - I.P.
ULD-FL 4292 Classical Liberalism, Libertarianism Center-Right
73 / 505
Radical Alliance (Istalia) Logo
Alleanza Radicale - F.P.
Radical Alliance
AR-FP 4348 Social Liberalism, Libertarianism, Progressivism, Soft-Federalism, Secularism, Interventionism Center-Left
65 / 505
Partito del Socialismo Istaliano
Partito del Socialismo Istaliano - F.P.
Party of Istalian Socialism - F.P.
PdSI-FP 4341 Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism Center-Left
59 / 505
One Istalia
1ST 4478 Environmentalism, Nationalism, Istalian Republicanism, Liberalism Right
56 / 505
Partito dell'Unione Popolare (Popolo)
People's Union Party (People)
PUP 4478 Social Democracy, Lebertarianism, Progressivism Left
55 / 505
Simbolo FD
Fronte Democratico - F.P.
Democratic Front - F.P.
FD-FP 4341 Democratic Socialism, Soft-Federalism Center-Left
22 / 505
Parties without representation
Logo Name Abbr. Established Ideology Position

Major historical partiesEdit

Other notable historical partiesEdit

Electoral Alliances and CoalitionsEdit

Party ComparisonsEdit

Diagram provides brief overview of political opinion of the active parties in Istalia (it may not be up to date).

Political opinions of the istalian parties (4484)
Party Capital punishment Abortion restriction National service Immigration restriction Biological Weaponry Nuclear Weaponry Interventionist Foreign Policy Religious Freedom Women's rights Drugs liberalization LGBT Rights
AR No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FD No No No Partially No No No Yes Yes Partially Yes
PdA No Partially No Partially Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
PdSI No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
PND  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
PUP  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
1ST No Partially Yes Partially No Yes Yes Yes Yes Partially Yes
ULD No No No No No No Partially Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ideological positions and voting recordsEdit

For a comparison of the ideological positions and the voting behavior of the istalian parties see:

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