Political parties in Jakania exist within the framework of an open multi-party democracy. Elections are contested at the national level as well as a variety of local and regional levels. In the current political context, the primary divisions between political parties exist on the issues of economic approach, support for the oil and gas industries, secularism and pacifism.

Major partiesEdit

Over the last few decades, there have been two major political parties in Jakania: Democratic Alliance and Birlik. Several smaller parties have contested elections and entered government including Progress, Umut, and Kalopian Unity. In recent years new parties have entered the political fray too.

Name (Turjak) Position Ideology Seats (4792)
Logo of the Alliance Alliance
IT Syncretic Social democracy, Ahmadi democracy, Jakanian nationalism
63 / 300
Logo of Progress Union and Community
(Kavuşma ve Topluluk)
KvT Centre-left Social liberalism, left-wing populism, democratic socialism, secularism
54 / 300
Logo of the United Democratic Party United Democratic Party
(Birleşik Demokrat Parti )
BDP Centre-left Liberalism, secularism
101 / 300
Birlik logo Unity
B Right wing Economic liberalism, social conservatism, Ahmadi democracy
82 / 300

Defunct partiesEdit

The Jakanian Populist Action Party (Turjak: Cakan Popülist Hareketi Partisi, also translated as Jakanian Populist Movement Party) is the most influential historic political party in the country, having been founded by Temiz Ozkan in the late 20th century. For the first few decades of the existence of the republic, the party was the dominant political force in the country. Although it no longer exists as a formal entity, many of the ideas of the party and Ozkan persist in Jakanian political culture.

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