This article lists the political parties of Sekowo.

Sekowo has a multi-party system using open-list proportional representation with numerous parties active and present in which it is difficult, though not unheard of for one party to gain a majority.

Active PartiesEdit

There are currently two active parties in the Federal legislature.

National PartiesEdit

Name Ideology Religious Standing Seats
Untitled-1524325815Jiyū Party Free-Marketism, Individualism, Jiyūism Secular 242
帝国公明党 (Teikoku Kōmeitō) Environmentalism

Imperialist Monarchism


Secular 58
ChangelogoChange Socialism, Environmentalism, Progressivism, Pacifism Secular N/A
Name Centralization Civil Rights Ecology Foreign Relations Government Responsibilities 
Jiyū Party Moderate Federalist Extreme Permissive Moderate Environmentalist Moderate Internationalist Extreme Small Government
Change Moderate Unitarist Restrictive-leaning Moderate Environmentalist Moderate Internationalist Moderate Big Government
Market Military Morality Religion
Extreme Laissez-faire Moderate Militarist Conservative-leaning Moderate Secular
Convinced Regulator Convinced Pacifist Moderate Progressive Moderate Secular

Prefecture PartiesEdit

Prefecture Name Ideology Political Spectrum
Hokuzan Freedom Union Jiyūism Right-wing
Hokuzan Unite for Hokuzan Social Democracy, Environmentalism Center-left
Hokuzan Freedom Front Liberalism, Laissez-Faire Capitalism Center-right to Right-wing
Kankawara Unity Social Liberalism, Participatory Democracy Center to Center-left
Kankawara Free People of Kankawara Jiyūism, Individualism Right-wing
Kankawara Movement for All Participatory Democracy, Localism, Populism Syncretic
Nanzan Our Future Environmentalism, Participatory Democracy Center-left
Nanzan Liberal Party Liberalism Center to Center-right
Nanzan Jiyū Party of Nanzan Jiyūism Right-wing
Sanko Social Democratic Alliance Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Populism Center-left
Sanko Free Market Warriors Jiyūism, Neoliberalism Centre-right to Right-wing
Tōzan Moderate Social Democrat Party Social Democracy Center-left
Tōzan Citizens Participatory Democracy, Liberalism Center to Center-right
Tōzan Jiyū Party of Tōzan Jiyūism Right-wing
Tōzan One Participatory Democracy, Localism, Anti-Establishment Syncretic

Past PartiesEdit

As Sekowo has existed for several centuries it has seen the creation and dissolvement of numerous parties from accros the political spectrum, many of which have been uniquely Sekowan in their stances on issues and have either become notable historically or have failed to become influential enough or last long enough to be given more then passing mentions in history books.

Notable Past PartiesEdit

The following is a list of some of the more notable past political parties.

Party name Ideology Notability
Anarcho-Socialist Revolutionary Council Anarcho-Socialism First anarcho-socialist party in modern history.
Conservative Party Conservativism, right-wing populism Among the longest lasting parties in History.
Chattes en Chaleur Progressive Populism First and longest serving Left-Nationalist party.
Normand Pluralist Party Pluralism First party based on political pluralism in Sekowan history.
Revolutionary State Socialist Party Collectivism Among the longest lasting parties in History, the first Nationalist-Communist-Militarist party in Modern History.
Sekowan Communist Party Leftist Communism Longest existent Communist party in modern history.

Sekouo no Aikoku Kyōsan-tō

Teikoku Shakai-tō

Communism, Nationalism, Isolationism

Green Socialism

People's Party Centrism
New Progress Party (Sekowo)



State PartiesEdit

As Sekowo is a Federation comprised of several states over time political parties unique to each state have developed, the following is a list of state based political parties not closely connected to any current Federal Parties.

Party name Ideology State General Support
Archaeological Preservation Society of Midway Archaeological Preservation, Social Democracy Midway 6%
Sekouo no Aikoku Kyōsan-tō (alligned with the Communist Party of Shiratoku and the Shiratoku Action Party) Communism, Autonomism, Isolationism Shiratoku .3%
Liberal Democratic Party of Shiratoku Liberalism Shiratoku 6%
Shiratoku Technocratic Organization Democratic Technocracy Shiratoku 4%
Tropican Syndicalist Faction Syndicalism Tropica 5%
Tropican Technocratic Organization Democratic Technocracy Tropica 3%
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