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The UCCR is a socialist union, its' paramount political party being the Communist Party as detailed in the Constitution. Despite the official status of the CPRU as the sole political power; recent events and liberalization have introduced a policy known as the Socialist Multi-Party System; in which political parties are free to form so long as they originate in the Labor Councils.

Logo Name Program Position Delegates to the Rowiet Congress
KCPLOGO.png Communist Party of the Rowiet Union Communism
Gay Liberation
Left Wing to Far Left
492 / 750
United Proletarian Party (UPP) Eco-Socialism
Center Left to Far Left
258 / 750
DankukFlag.png 대단민국
Free Republic of Dankuk

Seongtaek (Central Capital)
Geography History Culture Economy Government
History Baekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranlandDranian Zenshō RevolutionEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo RevolutionHouse of RyeoHouse of SantiagoKyobando ManifestoKyo-Indralan Revolutionary WarAugust RevolutionDranian Civil WarTimeline of the History of Dankuk
Subdivisions Provinces: Eljang.png EljangReuni.png RhynachMyeoggi.png MyeoggiEurbrak.png UlbracaHonggi.png Hyonggi
Metropolitan Cities:
Hyeokjincityflag.png HyeokjinSinsucityflag.png Gran NorteIlbaecityflag.png Llwybr HawlTaeyangcityflag.png Taeyang

Capital City: Seongtaekcityflag.png Seongtaek

List of cities in Dankuk

Politics President of DankukChairman of the Council of MinistersNational CongressConstitution of Dankuk
Political Parties: CPRU • MRD
Demographics Religion: Aurorian Patriarchal ChurchDaenismSeodongyoSindoZenshō
Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKyo