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Populist Party of Luthori
Parti Populiste de Luthori
Language nameLuthorian
ChairTyler Travis
Vice ChairThomas Mack
FoundedJuly 4765
Preceded byReform Party of Luthori
HeadquartersRichbrough, Northriding
Youth wingYoung Populists
Membership  (4765)9,491,834
Political positionCentre to centre-left
ColoursDark Green
SloganBy Us, For Us
Imperial Diet of Luthori
82 / 650
Duchy diets seats
62 / 500

The '''Populist Party of Luthori (PPL), '''formed after the poor election showing of the Liberal Democratic Party and subsequential takeover of the Luthorian government by the Communist Party, is a political party in [[Luthori]] (known as the Holy Luthorian Empire) created by a coalition of union leaders and members of the Liberal Democratic Party in September of 4758. Their goal was to bring about a platform in which laborers could lead from the front, and eliminate lobbyists as well as the Empire rule of Luthori, instead placing the governmental duties and rights in the hands of the working class.

The party was banned in 4670 and then revived 54 years later in 4724. The party is renamed Labour Party in 4730. The party announced it's final rebranding as the Liberal Party in 4732, then in 4747 after the election of Jason Andrews, the party is permanently renamed the Liberal Democratic Party of Luthori. To much surprise, Mr. Andrews calls for the rebranding as the Reform Party in September 4758. Then, in 4765, Jason Andrews steps down as leader and passes the leadership torch to Tyler Travis and the party is rebranded as the Populist Party.


Foundation (4651-4655)[]

The party is founded in 4651 as the Workers' Party of Luthori, a far-left political party. It is insignificant, has few militants and does not gain any seats in any election. In 4651, the party gains 0.07 % of the votes and in 4653, the party gains 0.05 % of the votes.

First successes (4655-4660)[]

In 4655, following the dissolution of the Patriots Party, the party gains many militants and manages to win 28 seats in the Imperial Diet. The party obtains 5.64 % of the votes nationally. It becomes the second party in Erneshire with 13.90%, receives 9.93 % of the votes in Orange and 4.23 % of the votes in Northriding. Its results in the other regions are insignificant. The party is initially in the opposition

IMG 4433.JPG

Pope William's Cabinet II (4656-4660)[]

The Workers' Party of Luthori unexpectedly participates in the

Image1 (2).jpeg

far-right Pope William Cabinet II and obtains the ministry of Health and Social Services on 1 October 4657. The party, however, doesn't support the HLC policies during his term.

The party participates in the 4660 regional elections but does not gain any seats.

In the 4660 parliamentary elections, the party pursues its growth and gathers more than 10 % of the votes. It decides then to enter in the anti-HLC Stinson Cabinet II.

Continued success and governmental participation (4660-4670)[]

Stinson II Cabinet (4660-4663)[]

The Stinson II Cabinet passed an environmental reform, increased the progressiveness of tax rates, legalized alcohol and tobacco, made membeship in the state religion no more mandatory along other socially liberal reforms.

Following the fall of the cabinet caused by the resignation of the AUP (former AfG) ministers, an early election is called in 4662.

The election is a sucess for the party which gains 7 seats and sees its results increasing by 1.65 %.

After that, the party enters in the CPL-led Hopkins II Cabinet.

Hopkins II Cabinet (4663-4667)[]

The cabinet manages to pass most of its socially liberal program with parties all across the political spectrum but is nonetheless unstable with resignations and the passing of reforms originating from the opposition.

Although there was no political crisis, the party decides to vote an early election motion, de-facto ending the coalition agreement with most of its program passed. The JPL ministers, however, do not resign.

The party changes its name to Justice Party of Luthori after serving in the cabinet.

The party participates in the 4665 regional elections and gains 49 seats. It does not participate in duchies governments because of the decision to abstain at every vote from the SDP deputies, leaving the left without a majority.

In the 4665 parliamentary election, the party continues its ascension and gains 13 seats, becoming the third political force in Luthori. It stays in the Hopkins II Cabinet, which now serves as a caretaker cabinet.

The political crisis continues and another early election takes place in 4666.

The party stays the third political force in Luthori and gains 9 other seats with 16.16 % of the votes.

Johnson I Cabinet (4667-4670)[]

The party enters in the Johnson Cabinet on May 4667. The cabinet is led by Michael Johnson of the JPL. It is the first time the party hold this position. The cabinet mostly passes socially liberal reforms and even a communist reform presented by the Communist Party. Alcohol, tobacco, adultery and prostitution become legal again.

Party ban (4670)[]

The party is banned by the Constitutional Court in 4670 because for illegal financing

Refoundation and instant success (4724-4729)[]

The party is refounded in 4724 and runs in the 4724 election as the Worker's Party of Luthori. The party has a great success in the election and gains 15.18 % of the votes and 23 seats, before the CPL which gained 21 seats. The WPL becomes the second party in Middenriding with 28.33 % of the votes and in Orange with 19.19 % of the votes.

In the opposition (4725-4726)[]

The party sits in the benches of the opposition following the election due to the formation of the non-partisan Ferina I Cabinet.

Governmental participation (4726-4729)[]

The Ferina I Cabinet is over as the SDP finally decides to support a left-wing cabinet. The WPL now participates in the Blau I Cabinet led by Litsa Blau with 3 ministerial posts. The cabinet increases the corporation tax rate, bans death penalty, prohibits employers from laying off striking workers.

The cabinet also restores the Republic and makes the transition towards the Second Luthorian Republic.

The WPL also participates in the successor cabinet: the Bat-Elle I Cabinet. This cabinet implemented mandatory health and safety regulations for businesses and reinforced the forest protection law.

Decline (4729-4739)[]

In the opposition (4729-4739)[]

In 4729, the cabinet is defeated at the election and only gains 72 seats out of 150. The Worker's Party loses 5 seats and gains 12.62 % of the votes. The party loses votes in 4 regions. In Erneshire, a region where the party had only gained 1.84 % of the votes in 4724, the party's share of votes increase by 5.71 %.

The Worker's Party is in the opposition for 5 years facing the right-wing to far-right T. Weston V Cabinet.

The Holy Luthorian Empire is restored during the rule of the right and the previous left-wing reforms are overturned by the new cabinet.

Ideological shift (4730)[]

In 4730, the party changes its name for Liberal Party of Luthori and turns the far-left party into a center-left party. The party policies are socially liberal and economically social-liberal.

In 4734, the party continues to lose votes, becoming the fifth party with 11.44 % of the votes. The LPL also loses 3 seats. The trend is similar to the one observed in 4729: the party loses votes in every duchy, except in Erneshire where the party vote share increases by 1.48 %.The LPL also stays the second political force in Middenriding.

The right-wing coalition is reconducted and led by the right-wing to far-right LCP leader Tina Jackson. The LPL, however, supports some policies of the cabinet like the religious census or compulsory work in prisons.

In 4739, the party ends up at the ninth position and becomes a minor political force. The LPL gained 6.45 % of the votes and 9 seats. Its best result is in Orange with 9.30% of the votes.

In the 4740 early election, the decline seems to be over for the party which 7.83 % of the votes and 12 seats, an increase of 3 compared to the previous election.

Jackson II Cabinet (4740-4747)[]

In November 4740, following the dissolution of the Left for Progress, an agreement is found between the White Rose, the LCP and the LPL to form the Jackson II Cabinet. The LPL receives 4 ministerial posts: Justice, Health and Social Care, Environment and Tourism, International Trade and Industry.

The cabinet passed bills that were sometimes contrary to the manifesto and ideology of the party. The Jackson II Cabinet expanded death penalty removed economic regulations, privatised public services and finally banned abortion in all cases.

4745 election[]

In the 4745 election, the party gains 16.52 % of the votes and 25 seats. It is a large victory for the party. One of the causes may be the dissolution of two left-wing parties during the term. In the first duchies elections since 4675, the LPL wins no governor, but participates in 4 duchy governments. Overall, the party wins 82 seats out of 500 possible. Its best result is in Northriding with 20.10 % of the votes.

At the national level, however, the Jackson II Cabinet is one seat short of a majority with 75 seats. The LPL surprisingly decides to stay in power which provokes demonstrations and critics from the opposition.

This marks the start of a political crisis.

4747 election[]

In the election, the LPL loses 1 seat. After that, the party minister resign from their offices, bringing the party into the opposition. in September 4747, Jason Andrews is elected party leader. He decides to change the name of the party to Liberal Democratic Party.

The LDP during the political crisis (4747-4751)[]

In 4748, another early election is called. The LDP gains one seat. Two early elections are called in 4749. The LDP vote share decreases by 2 % before increasing by 2.88 %. With 17.19 % of the votes in September 4749, the party made its best result of all times.

This pushed the party to take part in a CPL-LDP cabinet supported by the far-right HLC. The HLC made a weird move and removed its supply and confidence juster after the cabinet was sworn in.

In the 4750 regional elections, the LDP gains its first governor in Northriding.

Another early election is called in 4751. The LDP vote share increases again to reach 19.09 % of the votes.

Smith I Cabinet (4751-4757)[]

The LDP entered a new cabinet in September 4751. This cabinet was less active than the previous ones. Its main reforms are: mandatory vaccination for children, equality between men and women in the army and the legalisation of recreational drugs.

This cabinet is also marked by a Health Reform legalising abortion which was repealed two years later. Changes that provoked confusion.

In the 4755 regional elections, the party gains 10 seats overall and keeps its governor.

The 4756 parliamentary election is a defeat for the LDP which loses a few votes. Another early election takes place in 4757 because the cabinet negotiations had failed. The LDP ended up fourth and lost seats again. The LDP is left in the opposition as the national-communist revolution is proclaimed on on 16 February 4758 .

In the opposition (4757-4762)[]

The party opposed the authoritarian rule of the two parties in power. In 4758, the party is rebranded Reform party of Luthori.

In the 4760 regional elections, the party results declined and lost its only governor.

In 4762, the LDP stagnates around 14.38 % of the votes. This is however a defeat for the previous authoritarian government.

Kennedy I Cabinet (4762-4765)[]

The RPL participates in the Kennedy I Cabinet which had no political program.

An early election is called in 4765. A few months before, regional elections are due. The party gains two governors, a record high. The party keeps stagnating in the parliamentary election but the party ministers resign after the it.Tyler Travis is elected party leader and the RPL is renamed Populist Party of Luthori.

In the opposition (4765-today)[]

A new political crisis emerges and another early election is called in 4766. The party slightly increases its vote share and gains the second place. It is however left in the opposition since the far-right James I Cabinet is formed.

Dissolution and formation of the Worker's Party of Luthori[]

In 4778, the chairman Jonathan Martin Jr. decides to dissolve the party and create a new one: the Workers' Party of Luthori.

Party Leadership[]

Name Place of Birth Time in Office Offices Held
Trudeau visit White House for USMCA (cropped).jpg
Jonathan Martin

Liberal Party of Luthori

Fort William, Orange April 4724-September 4747 Imperator of Luthori
Jason Andrews

Reform Party of Luthori

Adlerberg, Erneshire September 4747-July 4765 Ambassador to World Congress from the Holy Luthorian Empire
Los-angeles-mayor-eric-garcetti-will-not-run-for--2-30514-1548813099-0 dblbig.jpg
Tyler Travis

Populist Party of Luthori



July 4765-present N/A

Electoral results[]

Parliamentary elections[]

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Status
Workers' Party of Luthori
4651 50,134 0.07 New
0 / 600
Increase 0 Opposition
4653 31,897 0.05 Decrease 0.02 %
0 / 600
Decrease 0 Opposition
4655 3,607,925 5.64 Increase 5.59 %
28 / 500
Increase 28 Opposition
Pope William II
4660 6,627,819 10.48 Increase 4.84 %
53 / 500
Increase 25 Stinson II
4662 7,759,423 12.14 Increase 1.65 %
60 / 500
Increase 7 Hopkins II
Justice Party of Luthori
4665 9,256,231 14.58 Increase 2.44 %
73 / 500
Increase 13 Hopkins II
4666 10,735,467 16.16 Increase 1.58 %
82 / 500
Increase 9 Johnson I
4670 Party banned

Workers' Party of Luthori

4724 10,145,795 15.18 New
23 / 150
Increase 23 Opposition(4725-4726)
Blau I,Bat-Elle I
4729 8,325,300 12.62 Decrease 2.56 %
18 / 150
Decrease 5 Opposition
Liberal Party of Luthori
4734 6,805,868 11.44 Decrease 1.19 %
15 / 150
Decrease 3 Opposition
4739 4,066,528 6.45 Decrease 4.99 %
9 / 150
Decrease 6 Opposition
4740 4,922,398 7.83 Increase 1.38 %
12 / 150
Increase 3 Jackson II
4745 10,470,080 16.52 Increase 8.69 %
25 / 150
Increase 13 Jackson II
4747 10,325,001 15.61 Decrease 0.91 %
24 / 150
Decrease 1 Opposition
Liberal Democratic Party of Luthori
4748 10,606,797 16.36 Increase 0.76 %
25 / 150
Increase 1 Opposition
4749 8,748,830 14.36 Decrease 2.00 %
93 / 650
Increase 68 Opposition
September 4749 11,178,832 17.19 Increase 2.82 %
111 / 650
Increase 18 Dalton I
4751 12,469,803 19.09 Increase 1.91 %
124 / 650
Increase 13 Smith I
4756 10,490,298 17.04 Decrease 2.05 %
112 / 650
Decrease 12 Smith I
4757 9,210,196 14.28 Decrease 2.76 %
92 / 650
Decrease 20 Opposition
Reform Party of Luthori
4762 9,199,586 14.38 Increase 0.10 %
94 / 650
Increase 2 Kennedy I
4765 9,491,834 14.93 Increase 0.55 %
24 / 150
Decrease 70 Opposition
Populist Party of Luthori
4766 11,138,472 17.39 Increase 2.46 %
28 / 150
Increase 4 Opposition
4769 9,999,275 15.75 Decrease 1.64 %
118 / 750
Increase 90 Opposition
New Liberal Party of Luthori
4772 8,155,447 12.85 Decrease 2.90 %
82 / 650
Decrease 36 Opposition
4777 6,934,849 10.71 Decrease 2.14 %
37 / 350
Decrease 45 Franck I

Regional elections[]

Date Duchy diets seats +/- Duchy governments Dukes/Duchess
0 / 500
0 / 5
0 / 5
49 / 500
Increase 49
0 / 5
0 / 5
3 / 5
0 / 5
75 / 500
Increase 26
5 / 5
1 / 5
Liberal Party of Luthori
82 / 500
Increase 82
4 / 5
0 / 5
Liberal Democratic Party of Luthori
87 / 500
Increase 5
4 / 5
1 / 5
97 / 500
Increase 10
3 / 5
1 / 5
72 / 500
58 25
1 / 5
0 / 5
Reform Party of Luthori
75 / 500
Increase 3
2 / 5
2 / 5
Populist Party of Luthori
79 / 500
Increase 4
0 / 5
1 / 5
62 / 500
Decrease 17
2 / 5
0 / 5