Empire of Narikaton and Darnussia   2638-2760   Darnussia
Map of Post-Imperial Darnussia
Government type Anarchistic Revolutionary State (2638 - 2797)
Governing parties
Existence 2638 - 2797
Language Narik
Capital Merenbürg
Largest city Merenbürg
Currency None
Alkavon, Kozaria, Narikaton, Nihaton, Clenon
Nation ID Number: 13

Post-Imperial Darnussia is the name given to the 160-year period of anarchistic revolutionary rule of Darnussia following the Deimore Incident that brought about the end of the Empire of Narikaton and Darnussia.

In the aftermath of the Deimore Incident, hundreds of small revolutionary groups took control of all towns, and Darnussia became, in effect, an anarcho-communist state. There was no single leader of the country, and the law was determined by hundreds of local soviets. In 2662 the power was transformed from soviets to Nationalists, but no stable government was created. The form of government saw several changes in the next century, varying from communists to nationalists to military rule. In late 2700's the communists gained enough support to form a communist dictatorship known as Soviet Socialist Republic of Darnussia.

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