Poste Nazionali Istaliane S.p.A.
PNI 4371
Type Società per Azioni (S.p.A.) (Joint-stock Company)
Traded as RISE: PNI
Industry Postal services, banking and assurance
Founded July 4371
Headquarters Viale dei Pretoriani 501, Romula, Mezzodiurno
Key people Nicoletta Toliani (President and Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Osiano Padagnoli (CFO)
Owners Ministry of Trade and Industry (35%)
Ministry of Finance (35%)
Publicly traded (30%)
Employees 177,500

Poste Nazionali Istaliane S.p.A. (Istalian: Istalian National Postal Service), abbreviated as PNI, is the most recent established Istalian public postal services provider. It was founded in 4371 with the Istalian National Postal Service S.p.A. Establishment Act in the form of a join-stock company which majority shareholder is the Istalian Government (70% divided between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade and Industry).

Besides providing core postal services, PNI offers integrated products, such as postal savings, communication, logistics and financial services in Istalia. Particularly important are the Postal savings accumulated by the PNI through its banking services division: in fact, the Postal savings represent the first resource for the activities of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, investment bank owned by the Istalian Government which was founded together with the PNI as institutional corporations aimed to lend money to the Istalian State or local governments, acquire strategic equities and invest in financial, infrastructural and economical projects considered strategic for the development of the Istalian economy.

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