The Président d'Assemblée nationale formally known as Grande Royale Député et Vice-roi (Grand Royal Deputy and Viceroy) is the elected representative of the High King of Rildanor or Head of State of Rildanor. The position was created on 1 Mayr 3494 after the passage of the Royal Representative Electoral Act of May 3494. The title of "High King" of Rildanor was granted to the House of Demetrius and subsequently added to the official title of the monarch. From 3534 to 3605, the Viceroy was the President of the National Assembly as decided unanimously by all députés. However, the said post was abolished in 3605 when the Constitution was amended declaring the Monarch as ex officio President of the Assemblée Nationale.

Since the Viceroy is an elected position, it is considered the political leader of the nation, however, it is also considered to be subordinate to the Monarchy even though the High King maintains his apolitical figurehead position. The duty of the Viceroy is preside the Assemblée Nationale. However, he cannot vote for bills submitted by députés but can propose bills. As such the Viceroy must be totally apolitical in their duties. However, the Viceroy acts as an adviser in creating the Cabinet and in some cases, determines the Head of Government or Premier Ministre of Rildanor, who is usually the leader of the majority party.  The Viceroy works closely with the Premier Ministre and the Cabinet in determining domestic, international and fiscal policy for Rildanor.

Here is a list of the people who are known to have served in this position.

Grand Royal Deputy and Viceroy (after 3534, President of National Assembly) Edit

Date Candidate 1st round (%) 2nd round % Party
3493 Beatrice Marie Potet 38,340,067 (83.21) - Parti Nationaliste
3495 Antoine Francois L'Hopital III

11,659,729 (100.00)

- Parti Nationaliste
3496 Louis Laplace II 11,338,010 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3498 Caroline Grande 11,912,956 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3500 Nicholas Carnot 12,122,006 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3501 Philippe II the High King ( 12,616,050 (100.00) -

Recognized by the people through the referendum 

3502 Henri Pierre de Bourbon de Toledo 11,595,873 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3507 Nicole Françoys, marquess d'Arloux 11,873,440 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3510 Gieffroy Thevenin 11,606,476 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3519  Louis-Napoléon de Pompadour 11,612,726 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3525 Godefroy Guillot 12,010,882 (100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3528 Hélène Béatrice Vigée-de Brunhilde 11,846,786(100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3534 Adèle Marie Dufriche-Desgenettes 11,995,742(100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3536 Adèle Marie Dufriche-Desgenettes 28,919,101(68.87%) - Parti Nationaliste
3537 Frédérique Fourier 12,223,766(100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
3541 Marc-René de Valdec de Phélypeaux 12,190,814(100.00) - Parti Nationaliste
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