Premier of the
Dranian Federation
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidencePremier House, Seongtaek
AppointerFederal Senate
Term length6 years (72 months)
Inaugural holderHana Pastora de Santiago
Formation15 October 4457
DeputyVice Premier

The Premier of the Federal Cabinet (Draniano: Premier del Gabinete Federal, Kyomal: 총리, Transliteration: Chongli) is the head of government in the Dranian Federation and the Vice-Chairperson of the Federal Council for Unity. The Premier is selected by the legislature and leads the Federal Cabinet.

Federal Cabinet Edit

Most ministries and departments of the Federal Cabinet operate at the Government Complex in Seongtaek. Notable exceptions include the Ministry of Security & Justice, based in Iglesia Mayor, and the Federal Council Organizing Committee, based in Port Rhynach.

List of Premiers Edit


Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party
First Dranian Federation (4457-4485)
1 Hana Pastora de Santiago alt Hana Pastora de Santiago 15 Oct 4457 3 May 4467 Federalist Party
2 Claudia Casal Claudia Casal 3 May 4467 1 Aug 4477 Federalist Party
3 Ryouichi Mangjuhl Ryouichi Mangjuhl 1 Aug 4477 12 Mar 4485 Federalist Party
Second Dranian Federation (4746-)
4 Alfaro Hyun Hyun Alfaro 1 Jul 4746 14 Dec 4784 Innovative Dankuk
5 Seojoon Alfaro Seojoon Alfaro 14 Dec 4784 28 Jan 4818 Innovative Dankuk
6 Hyeonwu Alfaro Hyeonwu Alfaro 28 Jan 4818 present Innovative Dankuk
DranianFederationFlag Dranian Federation
Port Rhynach (council capital)
Iglesia Mayor (judicial capital)
Seongtaek (legislative capital)
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Subdivisions Provinces: Flag of Eljang ElbianaFlag of Reunii LorenaFlag of Myeoggi MagadoniaFlag of Ulbrach UlbracaFlag of Hyonggi Valdoria
Federal Cities: GC Flag GongmangdoIglesia Mayor Flag Iglesia MayorPort Rhynach Flag Port RhynachFlag of Seongtaek Seongtaek
Politics Chairman of the Federal Council for UnityPremier of the Federal CabinetFederal Senate
Political Parties: Federalist PartyInnovative Dankuk
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Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKazulianKyo
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