President of the Federal Republic of Kazulia
of the

Federal Republic of Kazulia
StyleHis/Her Excellency, the President
Mr/Madam President
ResidencePresidential Palace, Skalm
Term length4 years

The President (Kazulian: statsoverhode, literally 'Head of State') is the head of state of Kazulia and the ceremonial leader and representative of the Kazulian Federal Republic.

 Election Edit

The president is elected by a 1/2 majority by the electorate. If no candidate has received a 1/2 majority of votes by the first round of voting, a second round, in which only the two most-voted candidates in the first round may participate, is held. The president is elected to a term of 4 years, and can be re-elected. In accordance with the constitution, any Kazulian citizen residing in the nation for more than six months, is eligible to run for President. The office falls vacant upon completion of a term, resignation, or the decision of three-quarters of the Stortinget to remove the president on grounds of misconduct or incapacity. When the office falls vacant the speaker of the Stortinget becomes acting president and an election is to be called in the next three months.

Discretionary Powers Edit

The Constitution of Kazulia provides for a parliamentary system of government, under which the role of the head of state is largely ceremonial. Executive power is vested onto the President, however similar to many parliamentary systems of government, said executive power is exercised by the government. Most of the functions of the President may be carried out only in accordance with the strict instructions of the Constitution, or the binding 'advice' of the Government. The President does, however, possess certain personal powers that may be exercised at his or her discretion. His constitutional powers entail:

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Monarkiet av Kazulmark

Prime Minister
Council of Ministers
Political parties in Kazulia
Elections in Kazulia
  • Appoints the government
  • Appoints the judiciary
  • Convenes and dissolves the Stortinget
  • Signs bills into law
  • Represents the state in foreign affairs
  • Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces
  • Power of pardon

List of holders of titleEdit

Name Start of tenure End of tenure Party
Emilie Karlsen November 4329 April 4333 De Liberale Konservative
Johnathan Bahaug April 4333 January 4339 Kommunistke Parti
Jorstein Eiker January 4339 March 4340 NaSAK
Christian Stordalen March 4340 April 4343 Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Karin Knivedalen April 4343 June 4346 De Liberale Konservative
Austin Robinson June 4346 Febuary 4350 Austonean Social Democrats
Marie-Sofie Lundgren Febuary 4350 June 4353 Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Eirik Haraldsson June 4353 October 4356 National Revolutionary Workers' Front
Leif Fredrikson October 4356 December 4357 Nasjonalt Sosialistisk Parti
Marie-Sofie Lundgren December 4357 November 4362 Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Jens Sabo December 4375 June 4376 Parti Med Tre Verdier
Jonas Helgemoen June 4376 December 4376 De Liberale Konservative
Sindre Granberg December 4376 April 4380 Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Mikael Nymo April 4380 August 4383 De Liberale Konservative
Sindre Granberg August 4383 Incumbent Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
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