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President of the
Republic of Mina
الرئيس جمهورية الميناء
Coat of Arms of Mina
Azim Hamid.jpg
Azim Hamid
Republican National Congress

since January 4777
Government of Mina
StyleMr/Ms President (reference and spoken)
His/Her Excellency, the President of the Republic (diplomatic)
StatusHead of State
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
NominatorPopular vote
Term lengthAveragely 4 years, unless early election called
DeputyPrime Minister

The President of Mina, officially the President of the Republic of Mina (Majatran: الرئيس جمهورية الميناءRayiys Jumhuriat al-Mina), is the head of state of the Republic of Mina. The President is assisted by the Presidential Council, a psuedo-cabinet or council of ministers that is appointed and dismissed at the wishes of the President.

List of Presidents[]