The President of the National Assembly of Istalia is a political position occupied by a representative of the largest party in the National Assembly, in Istalia, being the Chief of the legislative power in the nation and the second highest official position in Istalian politics, only below the Emperor itself. The President chairs the Senate and decides the order of the sessions and the proposal, as well as give turns to speak, among other works. It is considered a great honour and gives the Region where the Presidents were born a higher visibility. It also grants some powers to the most voted party even if it ends up in the Opposition.

The current President is Carlo Verdi, a member of the Social Liberal Party.

List of Presidents of the National AssemblyEdit

President of the Assembly Position de facto Born in Term of office Political Party
1 Empty ? Government 4571 4580 Istalian Nationalist Party
2 Empty ? Government 4580 4584 National Alliance for the Empire
Opposition 4584 4586
3 Empty ? Government 4586 4614 Socialists & Democrats
4 Empty Mario Rossi Government 4614 4621
5 Minerva Totti Minerva Totti Opposition Padagna 4621 4625 Left Bloc
6 Empty Carlo Verdi Government 4625 4629 Social Liberal Party
7 Empty ? Government 4629 4631 Istalian National Party
8 Empty ? Government 4631 4635 National Conservative Party
9 Empty ? Government 4635 4642 Natural Law League
' Empty ? Government 4642 4646 National Conservative Party
10 Empty TBD 4646 National Alliance for the Empire
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