President of the Realm of the
Kivonian Republic
Kivoniska Republikens Rikspresident
Rikspresidentens Vapen
Arms of the Rikspresident
Rikspresident Wilhelm Leitz
Wilhelm Leitz
In office
16 July 4777 - 1 August 4779
Government of the Kivonian Republic
StyleHerr Rikspresident (reference and spoken)
His/Her Excellency, the President of the Realm (diplomatic)
StatusHead of State
NominatorNot specified
Term lengthNot specified
Formation16 July 4777
First holderWilhelm Leitz
Final holderWilhelm Leitz
Abolished1 September 4779
DeputyMinister of the Republic (until December 4777)
State Officer of the Republic (since December 4777)
The Rikspresident, officially the President of the Realm of the Kivonian Republic (Kivonian: Kivoniska Republikens Rikspresident), was the head of state of the Third Kivonian Republic. The President was assisted by the government of the Third Republic, that is appointed and dismissed at the wishes of the President.

The office was created in mid July 4777, and was mostly a ceremonial role and figure head while the real power was exercised by the head of government known as the Minister of the Republic and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, until December 4777, when its powers became de facto and the head of government now known as the State Officer was now de facto at the service of the President.

With the signing of the Treaty of Bindeborg, the position was abolished and was replaced by the collective head of state known as the Allied Occupation Commission.

List of PresidentsEdit

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